Indian scientists develop pocket-friendly ECG machine

The credit card-sized machine will cost only Rs 4,000 and can transmit an ECG to the phone

Medical costs can be really high and while there are people who can afford it, there are many who can’t and have to borrow money among other things. Indian scientists have developed a cost-saving device that will help many people go easy on their pockets.

According to a media report, the scientists at Bhaba Atomic Research Centre have developed a small credit card-sized electro cardiogram (ECG) that can help many people. The machine developed can record the electrical activity of the heart and can most often prevent heart attacks in patients. The tele-ECG machine can transmit an ECG to the mobile phone immediately.

Interestingly, the 12 channel device will cost only Rs 4,000 and may just be the smallest in the world. It can be charged through a mobile charger and the data can be transmitted through any mobile network in the world.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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