Play of light and shade

There are a multitude of ideas for window décor.

Windows are often neglected when we decorate our interiors. Their treatment can change the entire experience of the space. When it comes to window décor, there are a multitude of ideas from simple shades to fancy valances. Once you have decided your material of coverage and the style, working out the proportion is a major factor. While deciding the style of coverage, you also have to consider how much light you are willing to lose.

The easiest and a clear favourite window décor style is hanging treatments such as shades, blinds or curtains. They provide privacy and style. Shades are a great window décor piece because they offer a clean and sleek look. Most of the home owners these days lean towards modern designs and shades that offer this coveted sleek look.


Blinds are also an extremely popular window décor option due to the versatility and ease of use. They are often considered to offer more of a traditional look to your home. The movement of the blinds can be controlled considering how far you want them pulled up and down as well as how open and close, depending on the design chosen thus being creative on the different levels of sunlight into your home.

Curtains are more of an add-on to your current window décor. Curtains are often a thinner fabric and are used more for aesthetics than privacy. The outer curtains and inner curtains also help create a play of lights. Using tiebacks on the curtains also helps create dram of sort. The placements of theses tiebacks are also crucial. The best position is noted to be either one third or two third point of the panel (either above or below the panel).


Even the simplest treatments need the correct proportions. Coloured window films are also an awesome window décor idea because it adds some flare and character to an otherwise plain part of your home – clear glass of your windows. If a more permanent option is what you would like, decorative glass may also be installed.

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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