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Beauty lies in acceptance!

Published Nov 15, 2019, 12:21 am IST
Updated Nov 15, 2019, 12:21 am IST
Ladies, it’s time to embrace your stretch marks and flaunt them, instead of feeling embarrassed. Don’t let nasty remarks affect you.
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 A file picture used for representational purposes only.

A woman’s body, apart from all other things is looked at as an aesthetic. Body hair or a scar and god forbid a stretch mark just goes against the norm of how a woman must look. Heard this before? Well, the beauty of stretch marks is often missed out by the common man but who cares about him.

Vanessa George, a 20 year old college student, says, “People pass comments about me everyday but I have learnt to ignore it, some days it does get to me, but I am learning to face it and get through it.”


If you are faced with a situation where someone comments on how much weight you have gained just turn it into a joke by saying, ‘yes I am enjoying food a little too much these days.’ That’s how you can shake them off.

Growing up, people don’t start to perceive their stretch marks as something to be insecure about, until someone passes a comment and makes them feel like having something so natural is actually unnatural.

Betilda Jhansi, a 20-year-old college student, says, “Earlier my mom used to shame me for my stretch marks, when she pointed them out. I would feel like ripping my skin. However once I started to workout, I began to feel more confident about my body. It did not matter that I had these marks because they just proved to be an identification, a story that my body told, and how far I have come in my journey of self acceptance.”

Another thing that can have a major impact on the way one perceives themselves is social media. In the age of self love and appreciating all body types it has become a whole lot easier to love yourself. However there is also a flip side of polished Instagrammers and celebrities that often create confusion within youngsters. Once you consume good media that enforces body positivity that is when your journey of self love can begin.

Training your mind to not say something negative when you look at yourself in the mirror is hard, but not impossible.

Ashrita Jannu, a 19-year-old design student says, that talking and looking at her mother’s body really helped her, “I am impressed when I look at her body. I know my origin and where I come from and any idea of insulting my body is like insulting hers and I cannot tolerate that.”

Another way is to spend time looking at your body, naked. “I do ordinary things in my room, naked. I lock my room and I walk around or sit at my desk or just lie on the bed. I have a mirror on the wall so I get to see myself naked. The only reason this helps me is because I need to see my real self because if I don’t accept my real self then I will never be in sync with who I really am.” Says Ashrita.

Vasundhara, a 22-year-old literature student says, “I don’t want to romanticise my stretch marks, they just appear on everyone’s body with time, and I just deal with it. It’s like embracing art on my body, it’s very unique.”  

Vanessa says, “Embrace your stretch marks and your body type, whatever it may look like. is. Because, honestly I look so good in a bikini I make the bikini look good. Stretch marks aren’t ugly, they are actually really cool.”

Accepting yourself is not an easy process, but it gets easy when you take a look at yourself in the mirror and say something as simple as ‘this is me, this is all I have and I need to start loving it.’ Don’t make an effort to cover your stretch marks, put it out there and you will start loving it.
—Ruth Mahesh