Depression in India on the rise

It's time to end the stereotypes about mental illness, in a country where many are suffering and have no access to seek help.

New Delhi: The tragic reality of India is that 70 million people are suffering from major to minor mental health related illnesses and it is prevalent across different sections of the society.

There exists a stigma associated to this across India, especially in the rural and semi-urban parts our country; it requires exceptional efforts in spreading awareness among people.

Another incident related to mental health and awareness involving a 24-year-old college student has recently been highlighted where the student has committed suicide by jumping from the 19th floor, stating the reason behind this as depression and anxiety.

Depression or anxiety has been the primary reason for people committing suicide every year in the country. The number of urban-dwellers to face mental health issues has been increasing at a fast pace. Considering the young demography, it is a threatening sign for us.

Despite a large number of people who need mental health attention we just have 3,500 trained psychiatrists and even fewer psychologists. Keeping the situation in mind, Impact Guru wants to raise funds by reaching out to general masses and raise awareness in association with LION'S and ROTARACT Clubs, in various locations.

They hope to support and carry out various on-ground activities, initiate helplines with mental health-care professionals, partnering with other organizations and NGOs to provide assistance to people who are suffering from any kind of mental issues.

With additional support, the aim is to collaborate with other NGOs in the mental health space for on-ground programmes and projects, while also funding and supporting research . With the help of the crowd-funding platform, the organization urges citizens to donate towards this cause and help raise awareness among masses regarding mental health problems.

( Source : ANI )
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