The perils of hanger pangs!

Find yourself feeling cranky and disoriented around meal times? That's coz you haven't eaten adequately.

How often have you been in such a cross mood, but as soon as you had something to eat you felt infinitely better? Fear not friend, you just had a hanger pang. A hanger pang essentially happens when you’re just really hungry or craving some type of food so bad, that it eventually puts you in a terrible mood. This seems to be quite a common phenomenon among the youngsters in the city, with their grovelling schedules and lack of time to really focus on just having a proper meal when they begin their day. For a lot of them the morning coffee is their only save, as there really isn’t much time to prepare or eat a meal, before they get in for class or work. Scientific research states that skipping meals in a day can actually cause someone to have anger spats or behave oddly through the course of a day.

Vanessa George a History student explains how her class timings plays a huge role in her meal plan. “My classes happen during 11 am and 5 pm which is quite an odd time to be in class. I can only have lunch once I get back home which is after 5 pm. I feel that the breaks we get during college hour is not sufficient to sit down and have a proper meal. Having to sit in class when I have a hanger pang, means that I am particularly drowsy or cranky and it doesn’t help the situation,” she says.

The mood swings that come with hunger might make you slightly insufferable around others. Sasha Martin, a demands relationship manager says, “I’m often cranky when I get really hungry. Often I get a hanger pang when I’m craving a grub and I don’t get it at that very instant. “Having a little something to snack on helps you curb the hanger pangs as Nishchita Kaverappa, a Psychology graduate admits to always carrying around a bite to eat. “I’ve a high metabolism rate which means that I get hungry quite often, and when I don’t eat at the time I am supposed to, I become a different person. More than anger, I get frustrated with not being able to eat at the point. This is wh, I always keep a bar of chocolate with me when I’m out.”

Ryan Fernandes, a city based nutritionist points out that low blood sugar levels cause these change in temperaments. “People need to ensure that they have their first meal within 45 minutes of waking up! Foods like groundnuts or sunflower seeds can be snacked on every four hours as they will help you keep your body’s sugar levels stable at work or college. Citrus fruits, watermelon, green tea are said to be very soothing on the mind and will help you stay calm as well. Carry two fruits or a handful of dry fruits with you when you’re out for work.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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