Indian boy's hands grow 12 inches long due to mysterious disease

Many in his village have labelled him the 'devil' and believe he is cursed.

An Indian boy named Tarik suffers from a mysterious condition that has caused his hands to grow 12 inches long.

The 12-year-old from Uttar Pradesh has had these huge hands since he was born. However he was not diagnosed. People in his village have cruelly labelled him the 'devil' and believe he is cursed, according to the Daily Mail.

Doctors believe he may have Elephant Foot disease, a condition that causes abnormal swelling of tissues.

Facts about the disease:

* Caused my parasite carried by mosquitoes usually.
* The affected area, commonly legs and genitals become thick and sag
* The fluid causes the skin to darken and become ulcerated.
* Cases can become fatal if the blood vessels are severely damaged.
* Antibiotics need to be taken to treat the infection.
* In some cases, patients have to undergo surgery if the swellings are massive.

Tarik's family has been unable to afford a consultation fee with a doctor to seek treatment. However, the young child is hopeful of being cured by the disease so he can join other kids in school and receive an education.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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