Experts warn pregnant mothers not to eat a child's leftovers

Doing so could put your unborn child at risk of hearing loss.

Scientists are warning pregnant women to avoid eating their children's leftovers, as their unborn child could become infected with a 'stealth virus', the Daily Mail reported.

Experts at St George's University of London say the CMV (cytomegalovirus) can be transmitted through a child's saliva while kissing or sharing the same food.

Dr Chrissie Jones told the Daily Mail: "The most important message is not to come into contact with the saliva of a young child.

"We would discourage women from sharing food. It's quite common for parents to finish uneaten meals, such as fish fingers.

"Don't kiss your children directly on the lips, kiss them on the forehead."

The virus puts babies at high risk of deafness, cerebral palsy and even cause developmental issues. The risk is just as high for babies who do not show symptoms.

Close to 1,000 babies are affected by CMV annually. One in five babies infected with CMV had health issues long term.

Currently, there is no screening or vaccine for the virus that can cause severe disabilities. One way to prevent the spread of CMV is to make sure your hands are always clean.

Medics are hoping to raise awareness about the infection as it is has dangerous consequences for newborns.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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