Assam boy loses eyesight to condition which causes eyes to bleed and pop out

The case has left doctors confused as they need to conduc tests which the parents can't afford.

A family from Assam has been put in a tragic and baffling position as their four-year-old son is suffering from a rare condition which causes bleeding in his eyes, as they eventually pop out.

The boy named Sagar Dorji has already lost his eyesight to the illness, but the bleeding doesn’t stop. Sagar’s parents are unable to find out what’s wrong with him, since they cannot afford to pay for the required tests.

The boy's eyes pop out of the socketsThe boy's eyes pop out of the sockets

The ordeal began three months ago when the boy had swelling in his eyes which looked bloodshot. This was followed by his eyes coming out of the socket and bleeding, as the blood would form a clot over the eyes and dry up, unlike other cases of bleeding eyes.

Sagar has now been moved to a state run facility for further treatment, but doctors need to perform more tests to detect the problem, which his father Pratim Dorji can’t pay for. He told Daily Mail, “It would cost around Rs 12000, but I don't have money to fund that.”

Doctor's are clueless about Sagar's situationDoctor's are clueless about Sagar's situation

While doctors have refused to comment on the condition and Sagar’s ongoing treatment, his father expressed dissatisfaction at the treatment as there is no improvement, but is continuing since he cannot pay for better treatment in Mumbai or Delhi.

Biswajit Barman, an activist raising money for Sagar’s treatment, told Daily Mail that, “I have also requested the Government to intervene and help this child before it is too late. I am also a father; I can feel what Sagar's father must be going through.” More details about contributing are available on a Facebook page for Sagar.

Sagar’s mother meanwhile made a desperate appeal for saving her child, by asking people to contribute whatever they can. She said, “I don't know whose curse has fallen upon us.”

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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