Spike your fitness graph by opting for aerial workouts, that have become a huge trend in the city.

Aerial fitness has been around in the city for quite some time, amplified by social media which is crowded with pictures of people doing ‘impossible-looking-tangled-postures’ on a rope or the silk. And one of the most common comments posted on such images is: ‘Wow. That’s so cool!’ Yes, it does look all pretty and fun, but aerial workouts are more than that. There’s a whole lot of sweat-breaking involved in it too.

This kind of regime, if done per diem, can spike your fitness graph. “When people do aerial workout regularly, over a period of time, the joints in their bodies start to decompress,” says Bengaluru-based Naveen Sharma, founder of a yoga institute, who conducts sessions using Harrison Anti-Gravity Hammock. Stiff joints, he emphasises, are due to sedentary lifestyles that people lead.

The obvious benefit is the flexibility of the body, which improves with each session, with the help of the props — be it rope, silk or hammock. But the game-changer, so to say, is a higher level of core muscles strengthening. This happens as the workout is done by staying suspended in the air, which involves complete body strength, as well as total focus of the mind.

“As there is more space to move with the support of the silk, the practitioner can do poses that aren’t possible on the floor. This eases your body into new stretches and often these poses are more intense and are done more safely in this form,” elucidates Bengaluru-based Sharanya Karthik, who conducts sessions at local studios.

Echoing her thoughts is Dubai-based Renuka Krishnan, a Sujok therapist and yoga instructor. “Yoga Kurunta uses ropes or straps as a prop to assist in gaining length, strength, balance, alignment and more ease in yoga postures, than would be possible on your own. This breaks mind barriers and re-trains it to accept new challenges,” she explains.

Aerial workout goes a step beyond and gives more than just physical benefits; it also stimulates a person mentally. Deep and controlled breathing with a calm mind is an integral part of yoga, “And when you are doing it in the air, it becomes more crucial. So, you will eventually practise to move with ease and lesser anxiety,” says Karthik.

All in all, it’s a complete package that also enhances the neuromuscular coordination and motor skills. Mumbai-based celebrity trainer Aditi Deshpande sums it up, “Aerial workout is not just about strength training, flexibility or only core workout; it’s a combination of everything and a full body workout. When done daily, it gives the body great cardio.”

— Pooja Patel

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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