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Fad diets are just that Fads!

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Published on: January 11, 2022 | Updated on: January 11, 2022

Why do most fad diets not work? Or rather, give instant results but the weight lost is gained back as soon

Eating regularly helps to burn calories at a faster rate - naturally. (Photo: Pixabay/File)

Eating regularly helps to burn calories at a faster rate - naturally. (Photo: Pixabay/File)

Anuradha Acharya, the founder and CEO of Ocimum Bio Solutions and Mapmygenome explains why fad diets are best ignored. She says for most people they don’t work, as everyone is unique. "It is important to know yourself and your body and make personalized plans that will work for you. The gold standard way would be a genomic analysis that will give you insights about how your body functions and regenerates. Taking care of health is not just about maintaining body weight, but also about understanding the key to wellness. Your genes are the key that can help you decode this roadmap to a healthy life and intervene earlier for better mitigation in critical cases."

Early disease detection and prevention are key to wellbeing. Studies prove that several genes influence various aspects of wellness — from nutrition, metabolism and heart health to immunity, brain function, gut health and more.

Says Anurdha, "Simple tests like Genomepatri from Mapmygenome provide a comprehensive assessment of genetic risk for lifestyle diseases, predisposition to certain traits, carrier status and drug responses. Genomepatri is the first step to chalking out a proactive, preventive, personalized and powerful health regime, as it decodes an individual’s DNA and analyses certain regions of the genome known to be associated with health conditions."

This broad-spectrum health report draws detailed attention to all aspects of health - eye, skin hair and heart health, liver and kidney function, hormonal profile, nutrition, fitness, gut health, cancer susceptibility, psychiatric issues, functioning of the immune system, drug response etc. It also throws light on how to switch to healthy habits.

Genetic counselling sessions are also needed for better comprehension of the health and wellness profiling and to help people implement the right course of action so that ongoing or upcoming genetic diseases may be mitigated and appropriate interventions put in place.

The power to achieve your maximum potential lies within you and a simple swab test can reveal your best version.

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