Hyderabad: 89 dengue cases in July

500-700 cases are reported in the out-patient department daily. Most of them are for viral fevers..

Hyderabad: Eighty-nine cases each of dengue and malaria were recorded last month, keeping health officials on their toes. Last year, the city recorded 15 cases of dengue and 30 of malaria in July.

Those reporting with high grade fever of 104ºF in private hospitals are being subjected to diagnostic tests for malaria, dengue and swine flu.

Senior physician Dr K. Gandgadhar said that when patients report with high temperature, chills and sore throats, we have to check for these three main diseases.

“If the diagnosis is not done in time and the condition worsens then the patient’s relatives will protest stating that proper care was not taken,” he said. But all tests need not be done at one time, Fever Hospital superintendent Dr K. Shanker said.

“The protocol states that high fever must be diagnosed for malaria and then dengue as it is largely prevalent. It depends on the diagnoses of the physician as the presentations in viral fevers are self-limiting and no major tests are required. Only if the fever is due to an infection or where the patient is facing bladder, kidney or gastro-intenstinal problems due to an under-lying illness do we need to go for further diagnosis.”

Doctors at Fever Hospital see 500 to 700 cases in the out-patient department daily. Most of them are for viral fevers. A senior doctor said that private hospitals carry out diagnostic tests as a part of defensive medical practice. “The hospital or the doctors don’t want to be blamed for not conducting proper investigations.” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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