‘Stylish Thamizhachi’ is a fitness freak

Published Jul 8, 2019, 12:05 am IST
Updated Jul 8, 2019, 12:05 am IST
There are yoga teachers, fitness trainers and physiotherapists to show the way to greater fitness and a better lifestyle.
Food and diet also plays a vital role in maintaining fitness for a woman.
 Food and diet also plays a vital role in maintaining fitness for a woman.

Fitness is not a fad anymore. It’s more like an inescapable routine that everyone subjects himself to in order to make their lives better. Such consciousness has grown phenomenally in women too. There are yoga teachers, fitness trainers and physiotherapists to show the way to greater fitness and a better lifestyle.

Creating waves in this craving for a fitter body is the well-known Mamathi Chari who is anchoring the Tamil television show ‘Nam Fit dhan’ (I too am fit) on Sun Life. In a bid to inspire people to take up fitness, the celebrity host has shared fitness secrets that could help many find their stride in a disciplined regimen.


Fitness has always been part of her life since the age of 16 or 17 and “It’s very important to keep yourself fit as a woman physically, mentally and emotionally.”  

An athlete starting from her school days, a fitness routine has aways been fun for her. She gained fame as a Big Boss housemate in 2018 and she has used this to reach out to teach everyone what fitness can be and do for body and mind.

A track and field athlete in school, basketballer, volleyballer, tennis and badminton enthusiast, a horse rider, sailor and surfer, she has been through a whole gamut of sport to learn all the ingredients of a fitness regimen.

Trekking has also been a passion. Slow walking and running is part of her daily exercises. She believes firmly that ‘Fitness is not only physical but  also an internal mental stage. Because luckily for me, I’ve been among those persons who practice ‘detached attachment’,” she shares cheerfully. If that is confusing, she can explain it well enough for  anyone to pick up what she means by the phrase.

Food and diet also plays a vital role in maintaining fitness for a woman. But she follows no restrictions as by ‘God’s grace’ she doesn’t have any fondness for sweets or chocolates. Eating well and working out have become the best weapons for her. she is fond of coffee without milk and without sugar. And any intake is about good health. She believes that fitness should be accessible to all and attainable across gender and age.

The show creates holistic awareness on better living and strives to ensure adoption and engagement. “The state where you neither desire nor you not desire, neither love nor you hate, neither want nor you not want,” according to Mamathi keeps you free from all worldly attachments and to do your best. If something is not there tomorrow don’t sit and worry or regret but rather accept reality. The only thing she goes after is the ‘pursuit of perfection’ where everything else is a by-product.

She has hosted the much acclaimed and industry defining television shows ‘Mudhal Vanakkam, Hello Thamizha, Samayal Samayal, Jillunnu Oru Jodi and Rani Maharani’. She was also Big FM’s celebrity breakfast jock with her show Big Vanakkam.

Returning from a media hiatus, she presented the pre, mid and post innings shows for the premier edition of The Tamil Nadu Premier League T20 cricket tournament in 2016. She has since acted in a dual role in Vani Rani, the top rated daily soap during its run in 2017 & 2018. Apart from these, she has appeared in exclusive cameo roles and various advertisement films - commercial and public service.

 An enthusiastic polyglot, she is renowned for her language skills and adored for her Tamil in particular. Mamathi is perceived as the ‘Stylish Thamizhachi’ - a lady who is forward in thought and action, while being rooted in culture. Her eclectic knowledge, world awareness and extreme positivity have won her abiding love and respect from her viewers. She has fascination towards writing, painting, singing, embroidery and cooking too. Her first set of books are close to be being published, but more on that later.

 Giving back to the world and asking it to pay it forward is her core credo. There are many individual and large scale causes that she actively and diligently supports. She is an organ and limb donor registered with Stanley Hospitals, Chennai.

 Being on the panel of the 6th edition of Pinkathon in Chennai is therefore very exciting for her and she is thrilled to be their 10K mascot along with actress Kaniha. Having set off on the journey of reaching good health and fitness to all through her show Naanum Fit dhan’ on SunLife, promoting awareness for woman’s wellness through a marathon is just the perfect fit for her. She has also set off on the simplest but most vital concept of bringing balance back to our lives through her nascent #nfdooh challenge.

The first marathon she is going to run strengthening herself a bit more for a cause - to be able to inspire people in her best possible way.  Mamathi aIso calls on people to join her in the balance challenge wherever she goes. It’s quite a recent challenge - Naanum Fit dhan Only One Heel Challenge - which is done barefoot or in shoes and standing 20 secs on each foot.

 If you are in the the sixth  edition of Pinkathon Chennai 2019 to be held on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at Island Grounds, Chennai, do look out for Mamathi who will be one of the faces promoting it and participating.

Online registration for the multi-category run is open at www.pinkathon.in/chennai for the VWash Plus 3km, 5km & 10km run and for the 21km distance.