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Popular foods thought to treat, prevent flu may not help: Experts

Published Feb 8, 2018, 4:07 pm IST
Updated Feb 8, 2018, 4:07 pm IST
From honey to chicken soup, find out if they have any real benefits.
Experts reveal if food thought to help treat the common cold really do help. (Photo: Pixabay)
 Experts reveal if food thought to help treat the common cold really do help. (Photo: Pixabay)

Dieticians reveal whether popular foods and supplements can help treat and prevent the flu.

A report by the Daily Mail gives insight into certain items that have been thought to help soothe us when we contract a viral infection.


Here is what they are.

1. Echinacea: A 2014 study found this flower supplement does not have a big impact on reducing the time people have to suffer from a cold.

2. Honey: While it is thought to be soothing and help treat a cough, there is no evidence to suggest that it does.

3. Zinc lozenges: It has been found to reduce nasal congestion, sore throat and a cough. However, experts warn it does contain a lot of sugar. Dietician Lauren McGuckin suggests consuming lamb or pumpkin seeds instead.

4. Chicken soup: The meal is healthy and found to help restore energy levels.

5. Garlic: It contains a chemical called allicin that helps boost the immune system. Get the most out of it by crushing or slicing it. A 2015 study found it helps prevent sniffles and treat the flu.

6. Vitamin C: It has been found to be crucial to help keep the immune system functioning at its best and only helps reduce the length of a flu, not prevent it.

Experts say a good chance of tackling an infection is having a well-balanced diet to make people's bodies strong.