Novel drugs from plants likely soon

Tribal medicines can cure a variety of ailments.

Tirupati: Botanists of SV University in Tirupati have done extensive ethnomedicinal studies on plants used by the Yanadi tribe that resides in the Chandragiri forest area. They have concluded that these tribal medicines can cure a variety of ailments. Ethnomedicinal studies involve comparison of the traditional medicine practised by various ethnic groups. In the study by botanical researcher Pulicherla Yugandhar, 53 types of ailments were treated using 48 medicinal plants.

The tribals of Chandragiri reserve forest area have vast knowledge on medicinal values of plants in their surrounding forests. The plant species belonging to asclepiadaceae are most used for the preparation of herbal medicines. The combination of medicinal plants used for the preparation of herbal formulations is unique and has not been documented before. The herbal medicines are cost-effective as well.

The knowledge of these herbal medicines is still alive in the 40-60 age group of tribals, but youths are not showing any interest. Researches revealed that “novel information on the preparation of herbal medicines from medicinal plants in this study will be useful for future generations to discover novel drugs.” In oral medicines use of hot water is common due to easy uptake for oral administration and it avoids any microbial organisms which contaminate the medicine.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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