Life on the rocks

Bouldering, often known as rock climbing, is becoming increasingly popular in India as a mental and physical fitness sport. Swati Sharma spoke with rock climbing aficionados

Latha began climbing in 1989, just out of high school. She used to be a girl guide and accomplished a lot of things. She believes she was born at the right time to compete in this sport because there were few female climbers at the time.

A zen mode

It’s a cheerful environment with overall well-being, whether physical or mental. It’s a test of limitations, balance, strength, planning moves one step at a time, and coordination resembling a dance. It aids in the development of my bond with the rock or peak I am standing on. Despite the limits and situations we confront, the partners we climb with provide that secure place and comfort, making it a joyful exercise of trust and strength.

Freedom to be me

Climbing, among other things, has made me who I am today to a big extent. It is also highly metaphorical in terms of life itself. It has taught me to build, achieve, strive for better, stretch, persevere, and simply enjoy the delights of life.

All of this has made climbing a significant part of my life, and it will remain so. I am free to be myself.

Climbing in Yosemite, Colorado, the Gunks, France, or anywhere else in the globe excites me.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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