Woman shocked to discover she is pregnant three hours before giving birth

She had been having on and off stomach pains for months.

People experience pain in the stomach for various reasons, and usually people do not take them very seriously. But what happened to a woman in Middlesex shows why frequent pangs should not be taken for granted.

When Emma Prescott started experiencing sharp pain on and off few months back, she just dismissed it as kidney stones, a price she considered worth paying for a surgery that helped her lose weight.

But little did Emma know that these pains would only get worse, even as her GP promised her an x-ray to check for kidney stones, since it’s a common side effect in weight loss surgeries. She finally went to a hospital after the pain became unbearable one night, and was shocked to find out she was pregnant.

"She told me I didn’t have kidney stones, and immediately my thoughts turned to cancer, Then, I got the shock of my life. She told me I was in labour." Emma told Mirror.

Soon the 39-year-old was taken away in wheelchair, and after three hours she gave birth to a healthy girl which she has named Emma.

Although it was unexpected, the woman whose hoped of being a mother were shattered when she was told that she could never conceive due to a polycystic ovaries syndrome, was delighted at her daughter’s arrival.

The father

When Emma met her 42-year-old partner Tony Raj, she had made it clear that she may never be able to give him a family, since even adoption wasn’t an option with Emma’s problems with her eyesight.

Emma had agreed for surgery three years back after struggling with her weight for years, as she had been bullied for the same since her teens. Emma was delighted after quickly losing weight, as her confidence went up, and it was then that she met Tony.

Happy about weight loss, Emma did not push doctors to look into her stomach ache, since the pain was never constant. But on the night the pain was too much to take, she was stunned when the radiographer informed her of her pregnancy and told Tony as well. She said, "I burst into tears and told him I was having a baby. He thought I was joking but when I continued weeping hysterically the shock swept over his face."

A miracle child

Emma fondly refers to Gemma as her little miracle, since she didn’t even notice the bump over the months as she was losing weight during that time. Emma had continued consuming alcohol and eating pate and soft cheese, which is why Gemma being a healthy child was a relief.

The couple didn’t have a hard time coping with the sudden turn of events as they received tremendous support from friends and families. Gemma said, "Whatever happened, I don’t really care – I’m just delighted to have my little miracle baby. She obviously really wanted to join our family as she battled through so much to get here. And 18 months on, I still couldn’t be more grateful."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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