As dengue rises, doctors warn of a major outbreak

HYDERABAD: A day after a senior doctor warned of early cases of dengue being reported at private hospitals, the city has already started several cases of the disease, together with viral fever, typhoid and jaundice. Dengue usually breaks out about a month after the rains set in.

Over the last four days, Fever Hospital has seen nearly 300 patients come in on a daily basis. It saw 11 dengue cases in May and 22 in February, It also recorded 190 viral fever and 40 typhoid cases in May.

Fever Hospital superintendent Dr K. Shankar told Deccan Chronicle: “We have recorded three dengue patients and one patient has been admitted. Another ten dengue test reports are awaited. We are expecting more numbers in the weeks ahead”.

he said the hospital had seen an increase in the number of out-patients with high grade fever and body ache. “We are admitting around 20 fever cases daily, including those of typhoid, jaundice and gastroenteritis,” he said.

Dr Shankar said that temperature fluctuations had led to dengue cases, which usually sees a spike during the rainy season.

“For the dengue virus to thrive the temperature should be less than 18º Celsius with humidity levels of 75-85 per cent. July-August is the peak season for dengue. As of now the situation is not serious but we expect a surge in the cases in the coming weeks and the situation can turn alarming,” said Dr Shankar.

Dr Shankar said that the administration was prepared to tackle the rise in the dengue case as it had 330 beds and dengue test kits which can give the result within 24 hours. The integrated disease surveillance programme (IDSP) team was monitoring the cases being registered to work on the control measures, he said

Dengue watch:

The most typical symptoms of dengue

High grade fever, severe pain in the eyeballs, headache, back and joint pains.

Most vulnerable groups

Children, pregnant ladies, elderly, and patients with chronic diseases who are prone to dengue shock.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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