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Miglani' sisters go au naturale

Deccan Chronicle| Pooja Prabhan

Published on: June 3, 2016 | Updated on: June 3, 2016

These entrepreneural siblings from Bengaluru are making a spalsh with their organic venture.

Radhika and Shivali

Radhika and Shivali

Radhika and Shivali Miglani, Bengaluru-based siblings believe in doing more with less – A2 Naturals, their maiden venture is a mash of all things natural and sustainable. In a bid to promote organic farming and Ayurveda, the entrepreneurial duo will be holding insightful programmes to encourage the growth of ‘Agri’preneurs — to aid farmers in combining their love for agriculture with business. We chat up with them to find out more…

"We were leading a cushioned life backed by stable corporate careers. But on delving deeper about the declining health despite high-end advancements in science; Shivani and I decided to roll out an idea that would make a wee bit of a difference," shares Radhika, who quit a lucrative 9-5 as an actuarial consultant in the year 2014 to materialise the plan.

Armed with a degree in  finance from the London School of Economics, Shivali decided to use her academic knowledge to test and kick-started the plan on social media. "We began posting and tweeting on various forums about merging the traditional goodness of ancient India, backed with technology and complete scientific evidence and validation. And the responses were indeed encouraging."

Roughly about a year and a half later, the sisters are climbing up the ladder, trying to make an impact and carve a niche for themselves a la au naturale line of products. "We’re quite the health freaks! In fact, I always make it a point to read everything and anything that goes into making a product that I use. So everything we are currently doing is what we personally believe in. It’s important to steer clear of toxic and artificial products and become a smart buyer," adds Shivali.

On days when the duo isn’t continually researching or conducting seminars, they’re exploring exotic locales. "We love travelling. Unwinding usually translates to jet setting off to a never-explore destination. But other than that, we’re quite the movie buffs. So on a lazy day, you’d see us glued to the television screens!" says Radhika with a streak of excitement in her tone.

While their works have been recognised by the National Program on Organic Farming, the enterprising sisters believe there’s still a long way to go. "We want to make a mark as eco-entrepreneurs. We will be holding awareness-generation campaigns and free training programmes on sustainable agriculture for farmers in and around the city.

We wish our state-of-art natural products builds a connect with the modern buyer, while bolstering the rural economy. Also in the pipeline are tie-ups with corporates to launch in-house wellness facilities for the wellbeing of their employees, and manufacturing simple health supplements that help reduce stress that comes with modern day working."

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