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Sexual healing: A start-up that deals with sexual healthcare

Published Mar 4, 2016, 12:05 am IST
Updated Mar 4, 2016, 12:05 am IST
Krishna Teja and Sriram Varma
 Krishna Teja and Sriram Varma

Talking about sexual health is seen as taboo, with not many willing to admit that they need healthcare or just plain embarrassed about it. While the “taboo” nature of sexual healthcare may be a societal problem, a start-up from Hyderabad is looking at a solution that negates the idea completely.

Cupid Care, founded by Sriram Varma and Krishna Teja in October last year, is creating access to sexual healthcare easier and anonymous through its online web application.

The company, which allows you to directly consult with health experts over video chats, telephonic calls or even text, recently won around Rs 20 lakh after being selected as a finalist at the recently concluded TiE Smash Up 2016 event.

“Under our platform we have sexologists, psychologists, gynaecologists... We have on board just about everything related to sexual health,” says 25-year-old CEO Sriram, adding, “We decided to use technology to deal with this problem because it allows you to anonymously consult with doctors, have video chats and telephonic call, as well as have text-based consultation.”

Sriram and Kirshna, who graduated from BITS Pilani and IIT Bhubaneshwar respectively, say they came up with the idea after they began working together with a health-based consultancy in Hyderabad.

“It’s said that one in five people in India suffer from sexual health problems, so it’s a huge market we’re tapping into. Because it’s online, we’re targeting the urban audiences mainly,” explains 24-year-old Krishna, before adding that they’re also starting a regional language helpline for people in from Tier II and III cities and towns.

While Cupid Care — which will be officially launched in the coming week — is currently an online only product, Sriram says that they also plan to create a physical space for it as well in the future.

“We also have a lot of content to engage people with, like sexual health blogs and we’re tying up with NGOs as well to promote sexual health awareness. Going forward, we don’t want to be just a platform but a brand in this space,” he says, and adds that the clinics will allow people to video chat with sexual healthcare experts.



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