Why you should eat 2 bananas daily

The Minions have known the health benefits of bananas all along.

Bananas have “health” written all over them. This exotic food might as well be deemed as a health revolution, considering the plethora of nutrients it has. Regularly consuming bananas can be extremely beneficial for your health. It’s rich in natural sugars, sucrose and fructose.

They’re highly consumed in various parts of the world. In South India, bananas are a key ingredient in most of the dishes. They’re also popular in the United States, and are consumed more than apples and oranges combined. Initially, when they’re unripe, they’re green in colour and don’t have spots on their skin. Upon ripening, they get covered in spots and are actually healthier this way.

Ripe bananas are rich in TNF (Tumour Necrosis Factor), which can help combat cancer by fighting abnormal body cells. TNF also facilitates communication between body cells and the immune system, which in turn supports cell nutrition. Further, TNF can stop growth of tumour cells by inducing apoptosis (cell death). Bananas also contain anti-oxidants which help in boosting immunity and improve blood cells count.

So, according to The Life Hacker, bananas with a lot of spots on their skin have the optimum health benefits. They’ll also give a lot of energy and that’s what makes them valuable. Apart from their ability to prevent cancer, they also have other health benefits:

Treat constipation: Bananas are rich in fibre and lead to regular bowel movement.

Lower blood pressure: Bananas lower sodium levels and promote heart health.

Treat ulcers: Their soft texture prevents irritation in the stomach.

Regulate body temperature: They help in controlling body temperature when you have fever.

Fight depression: Tryptophan, a compound found in bananas, helps in relaxing your mind.

Eating one or two bananas before your workout session can give you energy to for about an hour. In addition, they also boost your endurance because they’re rich in vitamins and minerals. They are also excellent sources of potassium and can thus help in preventing muscle cramps. So, now you know, that easy-to-eat fruits often go unappreciated for the numerous health benefits they have.

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