New mom reveals how you can experience an 'orgasmic childbirth'

A woman in her 30's who masturbated during child birth explains why it is the most effective way to get rid of the labor pain.

A woman in her 30's who masturbated during childbirth explains why it is the most effective way to get rid of the labor pain.

Angela Gallo, 30, revealed how she masturbated during her second pregnancy and it was an experience of a lifetime. She said that it was very relaxing, orgasmic, less painful and very different from her previous pregnancy.

In her blog post, Gallo explains how she touched herself during pregnancy and encouraged other pregnant women to try the same.

Pregnant woman. (Representational Image, Photo: Pixabay)Pregnant woman. (Representational Image, Photo: Pixabay)

Gallo said that birth and sex operate in the same way. " The hormones, sensations, the anatomy involved, brain activity, receptors... they are all so heavily intertwined. " said Gallo adding, " Heck, women around the world are experiencing orgasmic childbirth. I wanted to make sure I had a piece of that pie!".

Gallo listed three reasons why masturbation during pregnancy is the best option to release stress and experience an orgasmic childbirth:

1. What gets the baby in, gets the baby out

Vagina, nipples, kissing, stimulation, intimacy, affection, love, orgasm… all of these feelings contribute to the hormonal changes taking place during childbirth. If you want to experience it in the most natural way, the best thing would be to help stimulate these feelings by touching yourself as it gets the good stuff flowing.

2. Pain relief

Masturbating during childbirth can actually be less painful as it gives you ultimate orgasm and relieves stress.

3. It feels good

Being in the good mood is essential throughout pregnancy, especially during childbirth as that is the most crucial moment of a mother’s life. Masturbation during pregnancy helps gives your satisfaction; it also fulfills your sexual desire, removes anxiety as well as depression.

"Orgasmic in a sexual way - no. Pleasure - YES. It was my glorious instinctual pain-relief system coming to life! I am so proud of myself for exploring an avenue so typically shamed," said Gallo while encouraging more new mothers to try the same recipe and experience childbirth in the most pleasurable way.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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