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Energy vampires: They leave you drained

Deccan Chronicle.| Nivi Shrivastava

Published on: September 2, 2023 | Updated on: September 2, 2023

They prey on highly sensitive, empathetic, and happy people, feeding off their kindness and compassion until they run out of energy

There is no need to invest extra energy in such people. Maintain your happiness zone with self-love and self-respect, and practise it regularly to maintain your energy and negate the vampire's low energies.  Chaithra N, energy healer. (Image: DC)

There is no need to invest extra energy in such people. Maintain your happiness zone with self-love and self-respect, and practise it regularly to maintain your energy and negate the vampire's low energies. Chaithra N, energy healer. (Image: DC)

Energy vampires are the new social drainers, and the viral term is used to describe people who consistently drain others’ emotional energy, leaving them feeling depleted, stressed, or negative after interacting with them. Whether it’s the constant complainer, the drama magnet, the narcissist, the manipulator, or the perpetual victim – dealing with energy drainers, who use guilt, emotional manipulation, or display self-importance and entitlement to control or influence people around them is exhausting and challenging.
When we look at energy mapping, energy vampires in social space are causing new complexities. From your workplace to your neighborhood and even in your family, they could be anywhere causing a loss of productivity or hindering you from living your best life. We ask human energy experts on how to identify and deal with such energy suckers without losing our inner calm.  

Maintain energy hygiene

Managing energy vampires is an acquired art, and it becomes better when you learn to manage your triggers. Quit taking things personally or apply the Q-tip, when the energy vampires provoke you. Learn the trick of catching ‘good’ energy and empower yourself with energetic breakthroughs, advises Nona Walia, author of Own Your Energy. She explains, "Energy vampires bring energy storms. We can be facing an energy crisis almost every other day if we have vampires around. Every individual needs a personal energy strategy and daily energy check-ins at home and work to know the energy leaks. For someone who is experiencing more energy vampires at work need to create more personal rituals for raising and renewing their energy. Cultivate an ability to take a step back and create some distance from the reactivity. Look for ways to lighten things up, and convert your energy drains into gains."

No drama, no conflicts

Energy vampires often tend to be overly negative, demanding, and self-centered, and often seem to thrive on drama or conflict. They may not be consciously aware of their behavior, but their actions can have a significant impact on the well-being of those around them. Reiki healer Priyanka Bhatnagar, founder of Samridhii, recommends "me-time" to recharge and regain emotional equilibrium after interacting with such individuals. She says, "Restoring your energy after dealing with people who drain your energy is crucial for maintaining your well-being. While there’s no instant fix, there are several strategies and practices you can use to recuperate, namely: deep breathing, exercise, meditation, aroma therapy, positive visualisation, positive affirmations, engaging in constructive hobbies, and socialising with positive people. Prioritise your well-being. If interacting with an energy vampire consistently leaves you feeling drained and stressed, limit your exposure to them. If they are open to self-reflection, you can encourage them to consider the effect of their behavior, and encourage them to seek professional help."

Chaithra N

Create a happiness zone

From an energy perspective, thoughts that stem from stress, anger, tension, fear, trauma, and insecurities are considered negative emotions. These emotions drain the energies of a person and make them people with low energy or vibrations. As they already have less energy, when they meet any person with high energy or vibrations, they try absorbing the other person’s energy. These can be called energy vampires, explains Chaithra N, energy healer and trainer at The Consciousness Centre.

She informs, "There is no need to put extra energy into such people. Rather, if you maintain your happiness zone with self-love, and self-respect and practice it regularly to maintain your energy and negate the vampire’s low energies. Spiritually speaking, maintaining your aura clean and subtle, filled with love is what makes the difference. This comes from being positive with thoughts, feelings, and actions and by simply doing good deeds for oneself and others. When conducting sessions with psychologically ill people or stressed or anxiety-filled people, we as healers take a saltwater bath, meditate, or do any relaxing technique which is a quick fix for us as well. Meditation and love give greater energy and calmness helping in detoxing from the absorbed lower vibrations."

Balance the energy equilibrium

Energy vampires mostly are the takers in the relationship, not the givers. Although some energy vampires may not be doing it on purpose and may be completely unaware of the effects of their behaviour on others they can be just as draining and annoying, informs Tarot reader and past life regression therapist Kruti. Energy Vampires can affect physical well-being by triggering stress hormones, affecting the immune system, and causing cardiovascular and mental disorders. "Set very clear and healthy boundaries to create limits on what others can ask of you and what you’re willing to give," mentions Kruti. She adds, "Learn to say no whenever you can and must; don’t let anyone send you on a guilt trip for taking a stand. Try not to take their criticism personally. When someone is taking advantage of your kindness or goodness it is important to call out their bad behaviour. Most energy vampires feed on the chaos or drama they create, by refusing to give them what they want, you are shutting down the cycle that leaves you exhausted and drained."

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