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Girl with giant tumours on her face lives as recluse for fear of cruel taunts

Published Oct 1, 2017, 2:54 pm IST
Updated Oct 1, 2017, 2:54 pm IST
She faced constant bullying at school (Photo: YouTube)
 She faced constant bullying at school (Photo: YouTube)

In addition to making daily activities difficult, physical deformities caused by rare conditions can also make people vulnerable to social stigma. Discrimination in society rising from lack of awareness and sensitivity causes grave mental trauma to individuals and can be life altering.

A girl from Uttar Pradesh is forced to live as a recluse since a genetic condition has led to giant tumours developing on her face. The teenager who dreams of getting married and living a normal life hasn’t left home in years for fear of cruel taunts from strangers.

The tumours started forming on Rubi Dulari’s face when she was just three and she later faced constant bullying at school. She says she has dreams like any other girl but fears they’ll never be fulfilled.

Her parents took her to several doctors across different cities in India but no medicine had any effect. As her condition got worse, doctors gave up on Rubi and eventually even her parents accepted it after traditional medicines didn’t help as well.

Rubi says she gets a lot of unwanted attention outside as some feel pity for her and some are shocked but she has to accept it. She chooses to stay home when she can’t take it anymore.



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