Bone Marrow Transplants Offer New Hope for Blood Disorders: Yashoda Hospital Doctor

Kurnool: Dr Jai Ganesh, a consultant at Yashoda Hospital’s Kurnool clinic, emphasised the life-saving potential of bone marrow transplants for patients with blood-related diseases and blood cancers.

In an address to the media on Wednesday, Dr Ganesh highlighted the high success rates of bone marrow transplants, stating an 80-90% chance of recovery for patients. He spoke in conjunction with World Bone Marrow Transplant Day, observed on June 6, to raise awareness about this crucial procedure.

Dr Ganesh, representing Yashoda Hospital’s Hitec City facility in Hyderabad, acknowledged the significant advancements made in bone marrow transplant treatments. He underscored the importance of preventive measures like a balanced diet, regular exercise, and yoga to reduce the risk of blood cancers and other blood-related diseases. He also stressed the importance of regular blood tests and seeking prompt medical attention upon detection of any abnormalities.”Early diagnosis and timely intervention are paramount for successful treatment of blood disorders,” Dr Ganesh emphasized. “Bone marrow transplants have transformed treatment protocols, offering renewed hope and improved outcomes for patients battling these challenging conditions.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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