Global warming-induced slow winds turn kite-flying killjoy

Hyderabad: Slow winds on Sankranti played spoilsport even as kite enthusiasts decked up terraces, geared up their kites and played loud music on Monday in anticipation of kite-flying competitions.

While people came out in large numbers, the winds stayed away due to an increase in mercury levels from 30°C a few days ago to 33.2°C on Monday, dampening the Telangana International Kite Festival as well.

An expert with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said there has been a drastic change in the weather pattern.

“Absence of winds must be because of the global warming. Even the temperature patterns are changing. For instance, USA’s Texas state witnessed snowfall in January, which is highly unusual, just like the sudden rise in temperature in Hyderabad,” the expert said.

Amit Goenka, a businessman, said: “Our family, as usual, gathered at our in-laws’ place in Ghansi Bazar for the festival. Even though we made all arrangements, we could not fly kites due to the slow winds. Instead, we chatted and danced to hit songs.”

Kranthi Kumar, a resident of Chatrinaka in Old City, said: “Especially in the evening hours, the winds were very slow. This is the first time we are witnessing such a drop in wind speeds on the festival day. Our children were disappointed. The kite bundles we bought remained untouched.”

NRIs who were visiting the city were also a disappointed lot.

Sunkari Sheya, of Huppuguda, who is pursuing her postgraduate course at Virginia University in the USA, said: “This year’s celebration was disappointing as many could not fly kites because of missing winds.”

Still determined, many in Ghansi Bazaar, Begum Bazaar, Gollakidki, Gowlipura, Dhoolpet, Chappal Bazaar and Doodhbowli lit up their terraces till late hours in a bid to launch their kites.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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