Bisi Bengaluru: Meating ground for steak holders

Published Nov 30, 2018, 6:24 am IST
Updated Nov 30, 2018, 6:24 am IST
The menu will make you smile wide, with more than 12 dishes per meat of choice!.
Connie’s Steakhouse
 Connie’s Steakhouse

Sometimes in life, providence plays it part. And Charles Hayward knows this well. He started a small hole-in-the-wall eatery in Kammanahalli in 2012, with regulars who added spice to the place, be it Karaoke nights, workshops and events. He refurbished that into a larger space, and opened another one this year in Cox Town that is your friendly neighbourhood diner. 

A hospitality man (formerly with the Taj Hotels, Pizza Corner, before he co-founded Qwiky’s, Charles turned to his wholesome robust meat leanings with Connie’s Steakhouse. And meat lovers got that corner meat paradise. 


  Back to providence though - a birthday meal (a fine dine with meagre portions) in 2012 with his sister Constance opened up a whole new vista which he decided to call Connie’s - inspired by his sister who loved the food he cooked, and realised the city needed something robust, simple, without frills, and hearty. While their dish came beautifully plated in Picasso-like trimmings, the brother-sister mulled over the absence of a good hearty steak portion, like salt of the earth Continental or American. What resulted is a friendly neighbourhood diner Connie’s Steakhouse that specializes in juicy fillets of pork, beef, chicken, seafood and the most delectable sauces. Easy-on-the-pocket, it is a no-frills hub where the meat menu has everything you’ve ever dreamed of - a hugely robust menu! When eating a home-cooked style saucilious meal is on agenda, without pretensions, walk into this spacious white walled bungalow with rock and retro playing in the background, with a piano and guitar lying in the corner. This is 
the place. Basic, with wooden chairs and tables painted an antiquated aquamarine blue with checked table cloths... The menu will make you smile wide, with more than 12 dishes per meat of choice!  

The breakfast is good ole’ Brit and there are options of burgers, pastas, pizzas too - We started with a garden fresh salad in a lemon and thyme dressing - good... limp leaves though. The pork baby back ribs starter came as robust pork chops much to our delight, three marinated in a delectable sauce with smoky tenets, caramel glaze and a punch of spice. Yum. they offer a nice herbed garlic toast as a freebie, tasty. 

For mains, we ordered a pork, fried egg and salami breakfast burger... which was a whopper – a double decker... way too much but they do offer small burgers too... it had double buns with two thin pork patties that were alright (the meat lover on our table would have loved fatter and juicier ones) with lettuce and mayo in a spicy sauce... and fries... we liked that it was not oozing with filling... and proceeded to set one bun aside so we could do justice to our small tummies. 

   We ordered a Jack Daniel’s steak... marinated in whisky with sausage topping which was good... very home cooked... the steak was very thin though, and not cut against the grain, which made it fray. It came with a scoop of yum mash and glazed grilled vegetables.   

We also had a Steak Diane from their special section of steaks from around the world, in a deliciously lickable mushroom sauce that had a hint of spice... with mash and veggies. Good... “The most popular dishes are the Jack Daniels beef, barbeque beef, pork ribs and our burgers,” says Charles who is quite a sauce maestro... and is known for the delicious sauces that regulars come in search of. “Our customers love to try out the array of sauces and meats, as I don’t think you can get such a variety anywhere else,” adds the man who knows his meat. 

We also ordered a vegetable pizza which was ok, cheesy with crunchy vegetable toppings and paraphernalia. Not thin crust kinds but regular home-made doughy. 

 With plans to open in Kalyan Nagar and Richmond-Langford Town, and two in Goa, it’s a formula that seems to be working. The selection is mindblowing. Some specs could do with more flourish, but you can’t go wrong with the price and simplicity. Wish they had something other than Bassa for fish lovers. Most dishes also have Keto options, though a low carb one works equally well, a doctor’s advice.

The apple pie here is a must-have and Charles also recommends the Creme Brulee made fresh, and over before you know it. There are Christmas specials on agenda too, with Turkey and duck breast, sauces like cranberry, apply, etc for their Christmas lunch, and they will also have gammon (British ham) for breakfast specials during the season of cheer. There are plans to add beer to the menu that already has wine. Steak it out here. It simple, with a menu you’d definitely want to explore often.

(Suruchi Kapur-Gomes takes the road less travelled, in search of the ultimate foodie high in namma city) 

Connie’s Steakhouse, No 1, Buddha Vihar Road, Cox Town, Bengaluru
From 11 am to 11 pm (Weekends they open earlier for breakfast)
Call: 8792815159 and 7406959122