A colourful spock'tail!

This 27-year-old from Bengaluru has whipped up drinks inspired by the latest Star Trek film.

The latest in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond is out in theatres and Bengaluru’s mighty fan base is flying high. While costume parties, movie marathons and binge-watching the original series is the norm, why not splash it up with some tipple inspired by your favourite characters from the movie? 27-year-old Bengalurean, Hemant Mundkur has concocted some themed cocktails that are all the rage across the city and beyond!

Hemant vividly remembers lapping up the 60s TV series because it starred his favourite actor – William Shatner who played Captain Kirk. “Leonard Nemoy was another favourite,” he tells us. That was perhaps enough to have him hooked on to the show. When the new movie hit the screens, he couldn’t help but pay tributes to some of his favourite characters.

If you’ll believe it – there’s a Spocktail, the Vulcan Salute, Beam Me Up, Warp Driver and LIIT (& Prosper) in the offing! “I wanted to make something that people can actually create at home,” says the mixologist about using simple ingredients like orange, apple or pineapple juice, lime and vodka.

The drink that’s available across the city, is also making its way to Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh,Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata and are priced between Rs 300 and Rs 500.

Pursuing his degree from the Oxford College of Hotel Management, Hemant’s internship at a star hotel in the city quickly saw him take a keen interest to mixing drinks.

“My family has always been supportive of my career, as my dad was already in the liquor industry. I had to talk my granddad into it though,” he laughs.

After his initial struggle of moving to a new city – Mumbai, he picked up the ropes and rose to become the brand ambassador of the Diageo Bar Academy.

“My influences are simple – I always go local. India is filled with flavours, fruits and spices. Somehow I figured that moms always know what goes well with what, so before I make anything, I always ask myself, ‘What would my mother put in it?’” says Hemant.

When he’s not letting things chill on rocks, his idea of chilling includes playing table tennis, getting a earful of retro or scouting local markets for produce that can be used in his next heady mix.

“I want to see India on the global map, at least when it comes to cocktails and bartending,” he says, letting us in on his plans. He definitely seems to be living by one thing for sure – as the Vulcans would say, live long and prosper.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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