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Natural substitutes for sugar

Published Dec 19, 2019, 12:13 am IST
Updated Dec 19, 2019, 12:13 am IST
Here’s how you can curtail your sugar intake and yet satiate your sweet tooth this season.
Maple Syrup
 Maple Syrup

You cannot celebrate Christmas without the customary desserts on the menu. However, consumption of unhealthy sugar present in dessert, just to satisfy the craving during the celebrations, can cause adverse effects on the body. Also, it needs to be understood that the desert with unrefined sugar does not mean low calories. Therefore, while binging on cakes and other delicacies during Christmas celebration, one needs to be moderate. Extra sweetness in the desserts may only spoil your celebrations. So, curtail your sugar intake and not your Christmas celebration because there are a variety of healthy substitutes in the market which make your desserts and bakeries healthy besides keeping your health in the good phase.  

There are several natural substitutes for refined sugar in desserts, which can make one less guilty on the dining table.


After singing and dancing for long Christmas celebration, and still craving for cookies, cake, pastry, pie and donuts. Go for applesauce, not only it is healthy, but eating with dessert can also boost the energy of the body. While cooking or baking, cake, bread or even muffins, substitute the oil and melted butter with applesauce. Not only does it give a different taste and texture when cooking, but it also becomes an alternative to oil and butter.

Maple Syrups
After sugar, maple syrup is considered one of the best choices due to its natural sweetening properties. In fact, adding maple syrups in the Christmas desserts can be even more healthier and more nutritious than the ordinary sugar. Produce from the circulating fluid of maple trees until the sugar condenses into thickened syrup, maple syrup is used in the sweetening of many dishes compared to sugar.



Date Sugar
While date sugar might have similar features as the brown sugar, its composition is entirely different. Yield from the pulverised dates, date sugar does not dissolve in liquids or melt in like other sugars. However, the date pieces can be used in the sweetening baked goods and beverages.

Made from the nectar of flowers by honeybees, honey is a natural sugar that contains more calories than white sugar. In fact, honey is sweeter than sugar and contains twice the nutrition. It can definitely be used as an alternative to the sugar in the dessert.



Extracted from the sugarcane remains, Molasses syrup is one of the most delicious and natural sweeteners in desserts. Adding texture and malty sweetness, molasses can be marinade into the desserts.

Natural sweetener and sugar substitute in the dessert, Stevia is extracted from the leaves of the sunflower. As known as sugar leaf and sweet leaf, Stevia is much sweeter than white sugar which can be diluted in beverages, cereal, coffee, tea, fruit and yoghurt.