Jaipur to soon host gourmet food festival

The 'Gourmet Getaway' food festival will offer food from all parts of the world.

New Delhi: Are you one of those who loves trying different types of food, then, this upcoming international food festival is a perfect destination for you.

The 'Gourmet Getaway' food festival, which will take place in the Pink City later this week, will offer food from all parts of the world to tickle the palate. This is the second edition of the festival.

One of the curators and founders of the festival, Dushyant Singh, described it as the outcome of his "never-ending love for food".

"Gourmet Getaway is the outcome of my never-ending love for food. Through this festival, I want people to take home a plethora of experiences, with a satisfaction of having spent the day among the best food creators," he said.

The event is focused on promoting small entrepreneurs to bring their ideas and specialities forward.

( Source : ANI )
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