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Chennai restaurant owner pays tribute to Trump with a special dosa

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Published on: November 16, 2016 | Updated on: November 17, 2016

The Dosa is available at a restaurant called Suprabaa as a tribute to the president elect.

It comes with special chutnies and butter (Photo: Facebook/AP)

It comes with special chutnies and butter (Photo: Facebook/AP)

Chennai: Trump’s victory might have stunned people across the world as different reactions from shock to joy are pouring in, as people are expressing their protest through various means. But there are also many in India who are happy about the result and have decided to pay tribute to America’s president elect.

The owner of a restaurant called Suprabaa in Chennai, C.P Mukund Das decided to express his admiration for the new US President by introducing a special dish dubbed the ‘Trump Dosa’, as a tribute.

The man, who says he is a Trump fan because of his speeches and facial expression, said that he always knew Trump was going to win as a banner outside the eatery has a huge poster of the US President inviting people to try the Trump themed Dosa.

Referred to as the white dosa by customers, it’s priced at Rs 50, comes on a banana leaf with various special chutnies and also has a cup full of butter to go with it. The restaurant has been selling 130 Trump dosas a day after the announcement.

Although some people criticised the move, C.P Mukund Das intends to let this continue and said that while artists paint their favourite personalities, a tribute is the least he can do.

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