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Haleem’s the way

Published Jun 16, 2016, 2:14 am IST
Updated Jun 16, 2016, 2:14 am IST
A guide to the best haleem in Hyderabad.

A guide to the best haleem in the city: The nights in Hyderabad are coming back to life thanks to the holy month of Ramzan, and we highlight some of the best haleem from across the city. So here is a list of places that serve the best haleem that you can find around the city, from a kiosk in Charminar to the restaurant that you never thought you’d get haleem.

Shadab and Shah Ghouse: These restaurants near Charminar are definitely among the best. Loaded with ghee, fried onions and spices, this was loved by all a majority of the foodies. Per plate priced between Rs 120-140.


Cafe 555: With its unique combination of chicken 65, zabaan and haleem, this place is interesting and worth checking out during the season. It’s seasoned well with spices, lemon, fresh mint and fried onions. Per plate priced between Rs 160-250.

Pakwan grand: Another place that’s turning out to be a favourite this year is Mashad Haleem at Pakwan Grand, Gachibowli. It’s loaded with ghee, whole spices, dry fruits and a little cream on top. Per plate is priced at Rs 160.

Grill 9: This place at  Karkhana has haleem with a piece of nalli (bone marrow), and less ghee. Definitely worth a try. Per plate is priced at Rs 150.


Aish (The Park): This haleem is one that everyone would like — tasty, filling and familiar. The haleem has the perfect 1:3 ratio of broken wheat paste to meat, to maintain the texture of the original haleem recipe. Served with roasted cashews, caramelised onions, ghee and lime, a vegetarian variant is also available. You can’t miss out on the sweet bread infused with saffron — a must-have with the rich haleem.

Vegetarian haleem: Rs 675
Mutton haleem: Rs 875

Kebab Theatre (Lemon Tree): Patience always pays, especially when it comes to making haleem. And for the chefs at Kebab Theatre, that principle is gospel. With a unique overnight marinating procedure, they begin the process of making haleem the previous night itself. In addition to the spices, the meat is marinated in curd. The amount of ghee used in the preparation is about half of the original volume of mutton, and added to this mix is Hyderabad’s potli ka masala. The result is a slightly tangy-tasting haleem with the softest, tenderised mutton, thanks to the marination process. The haleem also has a peppery after-taste that lingers.


Mutton haleem: Rs 445

Chef Inam’s Steak House: This “healthy” haleem boasts of being the only one in Hyderabad to use Potla mutton, a particularly expensive variant of the meat. The haleem is made using ingredients such as broken wheat, and quinoa seeds. Served with a side of cashews, broken wheat and quinoa seeds, the haleem is light on the stomach. But the infusion of the sun-dried spices is what really sets it apart from others in the city. Tasty and healthy are the key features of this haleem.

Mutton haleem: Rs 275