Magic powder' from dried leaves

Underutilised leaves of veggies to curb iron deficiency: Study

Hyderabad: The underutilised leaves of cauliflower, carrot, beet and turnip can be used to overcome iron deficiency, a study in the Journal of Pure and Applied Biosciences has reported.

The leaves can be dried and powdered and used in chakli, namakpara, bhujia and tarts. “The method of cooking has to be proper and the leaves have to be properly dried. It has been shown that the underutilised leaves can be used innovatively to improve iron levels in the body,” said Sana Fathima, a nutritionist.

Iron is supplemented in the body with iron tablets, multi-purpose vitamins and tonics but they have a side-effects like constipation. To do away with these, nutritionist are looking at options within the food family.

Carrot and turnip leaves are available only in winter while cauliflower, beet and curry leaves are available throughout the year. researchers found that chakli was the most acceptable delicacy followed by bhujia and namakpara.


Nutritionist Prem Latha explained, “There is a strong need to popularise these natural resources which are rich in iron and utilise them for food purposes.”

These methods are presently being advocated in colleges and universities and are not generally known. The method of preparation too is a challenge for many as it requires the right mix and often it is not found to be commercially viable which makes it difficult to popularise.

A senior nutritionist said, “It is very important for the nutritionist to take these simple but easy methods to the community-level so that the people can benefit.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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