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Bean there, gourmet that

Published May 13, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated May 13, 2016, 7:14 am IST
If you are a niche coffee lover, then here is some good news.
Advith and  Abhijit Shetty
 Advith and Abhijit Shetty

They spent many summers at their estate in Chikmagalur as kids and now they want to revolutionise the way we drink our cuppa coffee. Bengaluru boys, Advith Shetty and Abhijit Shetty, managing directors at Seven Beans Coffee Company are raising the bar with their gourmet bean-to-cup coffee.

Meet the enterprising Kannadiga hudugas who’re making their mark across 36 countries in Europe, US and Asia. Advith (34) a civil engineer from Milwaukee School of Engineering and Abhijit (31), a civil engineer from Cardiff University, UK had it all planned from the word go.


Although their civil engineering courses and jobs in the construction business helped hone their skills further, they always knew that they would like to venture out on their own.

“We shuttle between Bengaluru and Chikamagalur where we pick process A grade green coffee from our coffee plantations. We blend, roast, grind, package and capsule our coffee blends at our roastery in Chikmagalur,” shares the older of the two, Advith.  

The duo wants to spread awareness about complexities of coffee, on single origin, single estate and blended coffees and instant vs brewed coffees. “One of the challenges for us was to get the right machines from Italy,” reveals Abhijit, and when he’s not making the two ends meet, he adds, “I love to play basketball and trekking. I’ve done treks in Uttaranchal, Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Pichu.

I’ve also been across Rio, Argentina and a lot of Europe.” Advith adds, “I like gadgets and reading about technology. I also like to play tennis whenever I get time.”

Abhijit manages construction of irrigation canals in Shimoga and dams and tunnels at a hydroelectric power project for NTPC in Uttaranchal. The brothers in arms are bringing people together to share many smiles and conversations over various blends.

Abhijit who currently manages a large commercial space for a family group company states, “Coffee was a natural progression for us considering we had our plantations, but we wanted to take the next step.

Everytime one spoke about coffee globally, one would quintessentially think of Italy. Our search for someone reputed in this field led us to Dr. Dante Cagliari, a fourth generation roastmaster from Italy.

We learnt coffee roasting, blending and cupping and partnered with him. Everyone talks of robusta vs chicory, but not of the blends.” Well, a lot goes behind this drink that helps stimulate creative minds.