Valentine's Day special: Sweet love

This Valentine's Day, why not show your loved ones how much they mean to you by cooking for them?

Valentine Pops

By Lars Windfuhr Park Hyatt Hyderabad

200 gm
3 gm orange zest
1 gm vanilla beans
200 gm white chocolate
5 gm edible red colour
100 gm cocoa butter

Mix the marzipan with orange zest and vanilla beans and set aside. Then, using a mould, shape the marzipan mixture into a heart and pierce a satey stick through it. Allow it to rest for one hour inside a freezer. Meanwhile, make a mixture out of white chocolate, edible red colour and cocoa butter. Take the marzipan out, dip them in the chocolate mixture and let them cool before serving.

Raspberry and white chocolate mousseRaspberry and white chocolate mousse

Raspberry and white chocolate mousse

By Devraj Pentam, The Park, Hyderabad

200 gm white chocolate
250 gm whipping cream
2 egg whites
25 gm castor sugar
150 gm frozen raspberries
3 ml vanilla essence

Blend the frozen berries and strain through a fine sieve to eliminate the seeds. Set aside. Meanwhile, melt the white chocolate and set aside. Whip the cream in a chilled bowl till you achieve a soft consistency. In a clean bowl whip the egg whites till stiff, gradually add the sugar while still whipping to form the meringue. To the cream, add a third of the egg whites and mix and then gradually add in the rest of the whites.

In two additions, gently fold in the white chocolate and divide the mixture into two parts. To one part add the raspberry puree and keep the other part as is. Set into a mould or glass of your liking by alternating the layers. After adding each layer, ensure that the dessert is allowed to rest in a freezer for at least seven-eight minutes.

For the garnish: Garnish with some raspberry puree and white chocolate or use a chocolate wafer or sauce.

White Chocolate Cream with Berry and Rose Petal JellyWhite Chocolate Cream with Berry and Rose Petal Jelly

White Chocolate Cream with Berry and Rose Petal Jelly

200 ml cream
50 gm sugar
100 gm white chocolate
100 ml whipped cream
2 egg yolks
10 strawberries
20 gm sugar
Petals from 2 rose flowers
2 gm pectin

First boil the cream and sugar together, take it off the heat and slowly add it to the egg yolks, while mixing thoroughly. To that, add white chocolate and then fold in the whipped cream, set aside. Meanwhile, boil the strawberries with sugar and pectin. To that add a few rose petals and bring it to a boil. Pour this liquid in a glass and let it set in the freezer for 30 minutes. Once set thoroughly, pour the chocolate-whipped cream mixture on it and serve. Garnish with with rose petals and strawberries.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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