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In the mood for authentic Srilankan cuisines? Here are some signature dishes to try...

(Poached fish and mashed potatoes, mildly spiced with ginger and pepper, crumb-fried.)

Fish CutletsFish Cutlets

500 gm fish such as seer
500 gm potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed
250 gm onions, chopped
1 tsp grated ginger
Salt & pepper
Juice of 1 lime
Eggs for dipping cutlets
Bread crumbs
Oil for sautéing mixture and frying

Poach the fish and flake lightly.
Heat two tbsp oil, fry onions and ginger till the onions turn translucent.
Add fish and mashed potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Add lime juice.
Shape into cutlets the size of small lemons, dip in egg and bread crumbs. Deep fry, and drain on kitchen paper. Serve hot.

DEVILLED PRAWNS (Prawns tossed in a piquant sauce.)
500 gm medium prawns, peeled and deveined, tails on
500 gm onion, cut into large chunks
500 gm large green chillies (salan ka mirch), cut into large pieces.

For sauce:
2 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper

Heat the oil and add prawns.
Stir on high heat, then add onions, cut in large chunks and chillies.
While they are still crisp, add sauces, adjust seasoning and serve.
(Boneless chicken cubes can be tossed the same way to make Devilled chicken.)

(Slivers of ladies finger, fried crisp, tossed in condiments.)

Ladies Finger SambolLadies Finger Sambol

500 gm ladies finger, cut into slivers
2 tbsp rice flour
Oil for frying
2 onions, thinly sliced
1 tomato, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper to taste
A squeeze of lime
Sprinkle the sliced ladies finger with the rice flour.
Deep fry ladies finger until crisp.
Toss with other ingredients and serve immediately.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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