Plateful pickings

Published Jun 9, 2018, 12:17 am IST
Updated Jun 9, 2018, 12:17 am IST
The masterchefs are ready to unfurl the best of gourmet fare at World on a Plate today and tomorrow.
Ranveer Brar
 Ranveer Brar

What happens when you take many master chefs and give them a canvas to experiment and explore? The tastebuds do a dance as the plate comes loaded with flavour, taste and gourmet touches from the world over. When the World on a Plate comes to the city from June 8 to 10 at the VR Bengaluru, in its third season, Masterchefs George Calombaris and Sarah Todd partner with Ranveer Brar and will conduct exclusive fine dine master classes. Culinary expert and chef Saransh Goila  has already kick-started this Season 3 with a demonstration of his signature Goila Butter Chicken, the best butter chicken in the world according to Calombaris. But there’s much more to savour from these doyens of the kitchen. And what’s more, you can taste the best from the comfort of your homes (instead of battling traffic) by ordering it via Uber Eats, especially that famed Butter Chicken!

The city’s best restaurants will also serve up some wonders, as Toscano hosts a red carpet for George Calombaris. Some of India’s more well-known chefs will spin their culinary magic to win the coveted WOAP awards as well. Chef Brar is celebrating Indianess at WOAP, “I am bringing Indian eclectic food, stemming from a thought process which is rooted in India but eclectic,” Brar says.


Happy to be back in the Garden City, his favourite memory is of the famed Green Chili Chicken at Fishland, “The first time I had it I had a watery head, eyes, basically was on fire! Another favourite routine is a mandatory food stop at an A2B outlet before I enter the city!”

Foodies can expect a bookish surprise from Brar too as they can get to see his yet-to-be launched select-edition new book. On the World on a Plate menu, Brar is looking forward to George’s Roasted Pumpkin, Ricotta Gnudi and the coriander, lemon curd and honey icecream dessert. 

In a first, Uber Eats, the food delivery app  will deliver Golia’s famed butter chicken for three days exclusively, apart from Butter Chicken Rolls and Butter Chicken Biryani.

As Chef Saransh Goila gets set to share his kitchen secrets, unique techniques and experiences, his Mumbai restaurant will also host a pop-up at the event.

Chef Saransh Goila is super excited to bring his famed dish to Bengaluru, he says, “I am enthused that Bengalureans can now satiate their cravings for butter chicken and other dishes. In the past couple of years, food delivery has become a way of life and we are glad at we can now bring WOAP at your doorstep.”

The response to this epicurean extravaganza has been great, according to Brar who was recently at the Grand Red Carpet Event in Zurich with Boman Irani, and he recalls, “It was excellent. It was an evening where Boman sang and I cooked.”

The hands on dad, Brar hopes to take on a Latin American leaning in preparation for the FIFA World Cup, “I’ll be talking a lot about and eating Mexican and Brazilian food. I’m fond of Latin American football and that’s the mood my food takes too,” he added.

Given the diverse food scenario, one wonders how dining out can be done responsibly. From a chef’s perspective, Brar explains, “We should be aware of food loss as well, not just food wastage. There’s a lot of food loss that happens before the food reaches us, processing, storage, transporting and so on. Also, the best way to contribute towards minimising food loss is to eat seasonal and procure as local as we can.”