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Ahemdabad celebrating single-hood: the anti-Valentine’s series

Published Feb 8, 2019, 7:55 pm IST
Updated Feb 15, 2019, 9:56 pm IST
'MBA Chaiwala' becomes the talk of the town as he promises free 'chai' to all the singles this Valentine’s Day.
MBA Chaiwala is enthusiastically promoting and celebrating Valentine’s day as a day for singles instead. (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)
 MBA Chaiwala is enthusiastically promoting and celebrating Valentine’s day as a day for singles instead. (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)

Ahemdabad: Here's wishing a very happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples crazy in love. Hope the Valentine's week started on a good note for you. But if you are a 'chai-loving' couple, then it might break your heart when you read this.

While a lot of restaurants and cafés have started introducing special schemes and offers couples on Valentine's day, a café in Ahemdabad has decided to break the stereotype and celebrate single-hood. On 14th of February, MBA Chai Wala in Ahemdabad has decided to go against the flow and cater especially to the single people of the city. It created an event on Facebook saying they will offer free 'chai' or tea to all the singles between 7-10pm. This café believes that Valentine's Day should also be inclusive of all those who do not have someone special in their life.


Hence they are promoting Valentine's Day as a day when singles get pampered too. Located in the Vastrapur area, it is run by an MBA dropout, Prafull Billore. This cafe, which offers 35 varieties of tea and snacks to customers, seems to be celebrating the 'Singles Awareness Day' (SAD) in advance. Also known as 'Singles Appreciation Day', it is a holiday celebrated by single people. It serves as a complement to Valentine's Day for people who are not involved in a romantic relationship.

Facebook event for Single's Day. (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)Facebook event post for celebrating singledom. (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)

The event is being enthusiastically promoted on social media via a number of incredible memes. The owner, Prafull, strongly believes that single-hood is a choice and it should be celebrated in full glory.

Khichdi Memes because Prafull. (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)A 'Khichdi' meme because 'Prafull.' (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)

Single ho Tum. (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)'Single ho tum?' (Photo: MBA Chai Wala/Facebook)

So, here's wishing a happy SAD to all the singles too! And, if you are single and happen to be in Ahemdabad, don't forget to swing by the MBA Café for your free cup of 'chai.'

Location: India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad