Bisi Bengaluru: Misu makes it memorable

We also loved the jalong chicken, a soupy dumpling to which we added spice, of course.

Ramen, sushi, dimsums, baos and curries are in deep conversations here. Probably to find out which is the star. When an enterprising and open minded young hospitality whiz takes on the morsel searching of a serial entrepreneur, the world opens up nooks and crannies of pure gusto to bring to the local foodie, ideas and themes that pack as much whack, as they do culinary explorations. Amit Ahuja is that kind of gastronomical fella. Not content about taking the road oft travelled, he and his wife globetrot and come back laden with ideas that bring the world of food to the cuisine searching Bengalurean, with a brush of modernity.

So when Misu first opened at St Marks Road… after Open Box was burst open to the curiously seeking foodie, and then Housefull gave vegetarians some modern masala in Bolly garb, it was time for Amit to open a new and very rustic copper toned Misu.

The new Misu in Indiranagar (yes again) is away from the hullabaloo of 12th main and 100 Feet Road, in a quiet locale, almost hidden in a corner with a delicate hued interiors, and it is already seeing a steady trickle of customers. With the able Brand chef Dinesh Sharma helming it, in a boutique restaurant avatar in what used to be a home, with that same large and burgeoning menu, similar to its parent avatar… with a few additions on the grills and ramen side. And the place is a vision of colour, subtle and classy.

We started the meal with the most delicious edamame wasabi dimsum which was soft, parcelled beautifully, dipped into robust sauces – a chilli, herb and onion chilli one. Delicious, and it was dreamily walloped by the vegetarian on the table, and the others as well. We also had the spicy tofu avocado maki, freshly made, fluffy rice deliciously dunked into the soya and wasabi, crunchy and light.

The Som Tum Salad that Chef Dinesh spiced up for us was fresh and tangy with crisp strings of raw papaya. More roasted groundnuts, please. We then decided to soup it with a hot and sour vegetarian soup which was thick, perfect in flavour and spice… would have loved more crunchy veggies in it. The tom yum gung was hot, beautifully flavoured with succulent pink prawns, in a lemon grass and galangal stock, Delicious, though we are more punch-seekers. The sweet could be toned down a bit.

We also ordered a chicken satay cooked just right, had a caramel glaze to it with a peanut sauce. Juicy and succulent. The sautéed edamame with chilli and garlic sprinkles was wow. Delicious. As we nibbled along, happily, we also tucked into a Sambal tofu which was soft on the inside and crackling on the outside. With a hit of red ground marinade.

We also loved the jalong chicken, a soupy dumpling… to which we added spice, of course.

The Veg and Non Veg Ramen made their way onto our table… and the thick delicious stock and soupy noodles with prawn were akin to soup for the soul and wholesome, and a vegetable ramen with loads of vegetables, mushroom, broccoli and more was awesome. The Ramen could be hotter, and steaming for the wintery nip. We would have loved to have the ice cream sandwich but were stuffed.

The menu is the original Misu one, with some additions thanks to the many festivals the team has done, and sussed out favourites.

“We opened last week, and from Saturday we will start lunch and dinner too. This was a home that we have taken six months to refurbish. What excited me was that it was not on a busy stretch, was quiet… close to 12th main but away from the hustle. The dreamy copper hued pillars add to the ambience,” explains Amit whose forays to Thailand and Europe satiate his love for food and ideas. Misu’s different interiors, copper-hued grills that imbue warmth, and easy tables and chairs are unique. Amit hopes to make Misu into a lounge post-11, after the dinner crowd wans. “We have added more grills to the menu. I also wanted to transform the place after the dinner crowd is over into a lounge bar for a nice languorous drink. Though first, Misu is about the food, so that will always be our priority,” he adds.

The 75 seater with a little outdoor area of 12 covers, ambient music, a warm glow is a delicate pinkish orange glow is wonderful. Very metal meet muse sorts. We’d prefer it to be meal-oriented than party hub… and are not sure how it will not creep into each other’s space… though Amit assured us of Misu’s sanctity as a Pan Asian go-to. Chef Dinesh’s dimsums and sushi are already very popular.

Misu plans to open at least one more in the city and travel to other metros and the serial entrepreneur is already onto his next venture, that of a unique Indian restaurant where Red Fork used to be - a fine dine Modern Indian classic comfort cuisine presented with a wand of modernity.

For now though, Mi-su (me so) full with the delicious, delicately flavoured yums… it’s only apt to come back for a more serious exploration of the wonderful menu.

What: Misu
228, Kempegowda Service Rd, Near-ESI Hospital, HAL 2nd Stage, Doopanahalli, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
Call 080 2535 1055
Meal for two: 1,400
Must haves: dimsums, sushi, ramen and the stir fries and curries

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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