An Italian slurp job

The slight nip in the air calls for these delicious traditional dishes to tantalise the tastebuds.

Agnello in crosta di pistachio

(Marinated lamb tenderloin pistachio crust, potato cream and asparagus)


Lamb fillet 200 gm
Mashed potato 100 gm
Rosemary 5 gm
Lamb 30 gm
Pistachio 20 gm
Crushed pepper 2 gm
Bread crumble 40 gm
Salt 1gm
Thyme 2 gm
Minced garlic 5 gm
Olive oil 20 ml
Asparagus 60 gm


Marinate two medallions of lamb with garlic, rosemary and oil for half hour. Chop pistachios. In a pan, toast bread crumb with herbs and pistachio. In a medium heat pan, heat olive oil with garlic and thyme. Sear lamb on both sides with olive oil along with garlic and rosemary, thyme for five minutes on each side. Brush the lamb all over with mustard sauce and the pistachio mixture. Finish cooking the lamb in the oven at 200 degree C for 10 mins. Serve with some mashed potato and sautéed asparagus, like in the picture.

— Recipes courtesy Head Chef Marouane Rahali and Chef Nicola Costa, Alto Vino, Marriott Whitefield Bengaluru

Duck breast

(Carpaccio D’anatra Smoked duck breast carpaccio, apple chips, pickled radish, honey evo soya dressing)


1/3 duck breast
rosemary thyme
300 gm apple
200 gm sugar
300 gm radish
100 gm vinegar
50 gm honey
100 gm olive oil
50 gm soya sauce
400 gm mixed salad

For the duck:

Season duck breast. l Smoke with a smoker adding thyme and rosemary until the internal temperature is 52°. Cool. Burn skin with a blue torch. Freeze it

For pickling radish:

Cut baby radish. l Bring to the boil, one part vinegar, one part water and half part sugar. Pour liquor still boiling on baby radish. Cool down at room temperature.

For dressing:

Make an emulsion with soya sauce, honey and extra virgin olive oil.

For apple:

Bring to a boil one part water and half part sugar. Cool syrup down. Slice apple thin. Immerse apple in the syrup. Lay apple slices out on a tray. Cook them for an hour each side at 90°.

For plating:

Slice duck with a slicer. Season lettuce with the honey-soya dressing. Plate the lettuce and add sliced duck (about 10 pieces). Add pickled baby radish. Dress all the duck slices with the honey-soya dressing and add two apple slices.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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