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Aneeta Pathak's life of taste and purpose

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Published on: June 7, 2023 | Updated on: June 7, 2023
 Aneeta Pathak

Aneeta Pathak

"It all started with pandemic time. My education programmes weren’t happening and I started feeding Covid patients during the second wave of the pandemic. And then requests to make food started pouring in," - Aneeta Pathak tells the journey of starting Aneeta’s Kitchen.

Aneeta’s Kitchen serves healthy and authentic Indian cuisines. The ambience of the restaurant gives a soothing effect. It also gives you an opportunity to taste food recipes with the seasonal foods.

"I was born and brought up in Dehradun and studied in JNU, Delhi. I was a human rights activist for a while before becoming Aurovillian. I am always fascinated by the idea of cooking and providing food for people. When I was providing food for Covid patients, word by mouth spread and got a lot of requests. That’s how I opened this restaurant."

Aneeta is very particular about the food she provides and she makes sure that it also involves healthy and seasonal. "Food connects people and a lot happens while you have your food. In our Indian culture, we have that habit of sitting together and having food. And I basically want to focus on Indian food. I feel like somewhere our Indian recipes are getting lost. So last April, I tried recipes with neem. People loved it. Every two months, we would come up with the idea of serving people with seasonal foods. We are planning to have mango recipes in July."

What doesn’t come with challenges?

She says, "Cost is one thing we are concerned about. Prices of spices are getting higher day by day. I try my best to keep the cost affordable. Starting with  myself, now I have 15 staff and getting the right people for your passion is a challenging one. I am grateful that I have a great team to support my dream."

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