4 Cocktails that every connoisseur should know

Add sparkle to your life with our four must try cocktails.

Mumbai: It's that time of the year when we party hard and look forward to try and experiment with our drink. While you might think that making cocktail is not everyone's cup of tea, you might be mistaken.

Many of the best cocktails are inspired by classic drinks and that's the beginning of any modern mixologist.

Add sparkle to your life with our four must try cocktails. These drinks are becoming the latest trend in the town and are attracting a lot of attention. But nothing could be better if you could make it yourself!

"Bartending is more of an art now than just serving drinks .its all about innovation and being trendy" says mixologist Vijay and Dilip from The Bar Terminal, Mumbai.

Belly up the bar and party with our selection of refreshing and mind-blasting cocktail recipes. Make your own fresh berry drink or go on a high ride with our Caribbean ride secret recipe.

  • Smoked Berry:

(Photo: The Bar Terminal)(Photo: The Bar Terminal)

A frosty drink full of fresh strawberry-citrus slush. Mixed with tequila and has a little sour taste, this is just what bartenders will suggest you.

· 3 To 4 Strawberries

· 60 Ml of tequila

· 60 ml sweet & sour pinch of black salt

  • Caribbean Ride:

(Photo: The Bar Terminal)(Photo: The Bar Terminal)

Gin with peach and pineapple is the perfect combination that can be served to you. The ingredients in this makes a tasty fall drink that calms your nerves."

· Peach schnapps: 10 ml

· Malibu: 10 ml

· Gin: 45 ml

· Pineapple juice: 100 ml

· Orange juice: 100 ml

  • Jack Sparrow:

(Photo: The Bar Terminal)(Photo: The Bar Terminal)

Just like Jonny Depp's character in Pirates of Caribbean, this is a perfect pick that will never let you down. This is light, crisp and made to perfection, so try it out today and this will turn out to be the star of cocktails.

· Dark Rum: 60 ml

· Jaggery Syrup: 30 ml

· Roasted Coriander: ½ gms

· Sour Mix: 30 ml

  • Majestic Cup

This whiskey drink deserves to be enjoyed all seasons, so do yourself a favour and try this classic cocktail with a coriander twist.

· Whisky: 60 ml

· Orange juice: 100 ml

· Peach schnapps: 10 ml

· Fresh coriander

The recipes above are shared by Bar Terminals, Mumbai.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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