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Breakfast Bengaluru!

Published Dec 5, 2019, 12:09 am IST
Updated Dec 5, 2019, 12:09 am IST
Bacon Omelet.
 Bacon Omelet.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, it is a must for people to have breakfast come what may! But what if you’re a working young professional and don’t have a lot of money to spare on a lavish breakfast? Of course the good, old and steaming idli, vada and dosas are always available. But when you’re bored of them then what do you do? With Bengaluru being the kind place it is, foodies are spoilt for choice. This city is home to a number of cozy joints that offer sumptuous breakfast spreads at a low price. With about `500 in your pocket, you’re sure to get a meal that will easily fill your tummies. We look at a few places around the city that offer delish breakfast at a minimal price.

Glen’s Bakehouse - Rs 300
Nikita Miriam, an assistant manager at a popular retail brand loves indulging in the English Breakfast on the weekends. She shares, “The Indiranagar location is very charming. The English Breakfast here is a must-try. From buttery and decadent eggs done as per your choice to sausages, slices of bread, tangy Baked Beans, and crispy Danish Rolls, this meal will surely fill your tummy. If you’re not a big foodie, there are other things you can try out like the Waffles or the Pancakes.”

Koshy’s - Rs 400
This charming old Bengaluru restaurant has managed to keep up the taste of its food even after all these years. Vivian John, an environmentalist and activist highlights the food that he likes to binge on here says, “Though they have authentic Malayali dishes, there is a wide range of British food that is served up with an Indian twist. I love their Bacon Omelet, Masala Toast, Appam and Stew, Keema Toast and Keema Appam. You should definitely check out their hamburgers and sausages too. A full-fledged breakfast here will not cost you more than 400 bucks,”

Indian Coffee House - Rs 200
Raina Joseph stands by the food that is served at this coffee house located in central Bengaluru. She says, “The juicy mutton cutlet and egg sandwiches served here are to die for. Their simple bread and butter toast is also amazing. They also serve the usual idli and vada but their rose milk is also a must-try.”

Third Wave Coffee Roasters - Rs 300
Hitesh Chug, a dialogue-writer who loves his coffee ensures that he visits this joint as often as possible for their coffee as well as their food. He says, “Apart from the brewed coffee that instantly wakes me up, I love experimenting with the menu. The Classic Egg Bagel Sandwich is perfect mix of carbs and protein. The Baked Chilli Cheese Toast is also quite amazing.”

Koramangala Socials - Rs 400
This place is quite famous for its boozy concoctions, binge-worthy food and also its upbeat music but, Kritika Sinha shows us that the breakfast menu is worth exploring too. She says, “I had been to socials with a friend. I tried the Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast which consisted of Paratha served hot with a spicy chole, samosa, achar, Dahi and lassi to wash it down. If you’re not a big eater then this is something that you will have to share. My friend tried the Hardy Bhai’s Istyle Breakfast that consisted of Keema Ghotala which she was raving about, bun maska, chai and Khari biscuit.” 



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