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Gin: All that you need to win

Published Sep 4, 2019, 2:09 pm IST
Updated Sep 4, 2019, 2:09 pm IST
Here’s a quick dive into what makes Gin a real winner.
Gin old fashioned. (Photo: File)
 Gin old fashioned. (Photo: File)

While India is one of the largest whisky drinking countries in the world, perhaps it would surprise you to know that there’s a new (not really) spirit on the block that’s making a splash with the millennials. Gin today has undergone a makeover to becoming a bold beverage with a multitude of flavour profiles; giving it an advantage when it comes to delectable cocktails! With several restaurants across the country curating menus around this new favourite, here’s a quick dive into what makes Gin a real winner!

Gin at its botanical best


To be called a Gin, the spirit must have a predominant flavour of juniper. Other than that, distillers are free to choose the botanicals they wish to add during the re-distillation process either through Steeping or Vapour infusion.

However, these methods can also be combined using two separate stills, a technique famously used by Hendrick’s. Along with 11 botanicals like Coriander seeds, Elderflower, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Hendrick’s is also infused with the unusual combination of rose and cucumber; giving it its unique and amusing flavour.


Since Gin has historically evolved from botanicals, often used in herbal medicine, the final concoction is often herbal, spiced, floral or fruit-flavoured; testimony to its versatility.


Forget the whiskey craze, forget one-note vodka sodas; try a cocktail with gin instead. With every sip, know that you are drinking liquid history! A spirit that is over 400 years old is bound to have some secrets, allow us to spill a few!

Say no to Gin Shots:

The world of Gin is incredibly varied given its eccentric flavour profile. But the one thing you can’t do is drink it as a shot. Because the botanicals come to life only when combined as cocktails; making some taste cucumber fresh while others, citrusy bright or spicy. Opening the bouquet of the botanicals adds to the complexity of the drink! Another feather in its cap is that Gin can be drunk warm or cold… making it the perfect choice for summer brunches or ciders in the winter.


Martini = Gin

Did you know that martinis date back to the 1860s and evolved from a cocktail called the Martinez? Another revelation is that a Martini is traditionally made with Gin by adding vermouth and bitters to the spirit. Try the original version the next time you crave this iconic cocktail!

Gin a medicine?

Ever since the major health benefits of juniper berry-based tonics became known, Gin rose to be equated with being medicinal. The British Royal Navy mixed gin with lime cordial to stop scurvy gin and this the Gimlet was born!



For today’s discerning audience conscious of staying in shape and being healthy, Gin also offers some health benefits. Once a form of herbal medicine, the Juniper berries have proven to be amongst the superfoods that help in fighting infection, improving blood circulation and preventing heart disease. Of course, this is when drunk in moderation. Who knew your evening G&T could even help you achieve younger, healthier-looking skin as well as keeping your waistline trim?

A day dedicated to gin

Over the last decade, the second Saturday of June has been celebrated as World Gin Day from LA to London and Sydney to Mumbai; coinciding with the renewed popularity of gin. Several bars, restaurants and Gin brands host parties, brunches and festivals to get audiences enjoying the best that Gin has to offer. World Gin Day was launched 10 years ago by gin friends Neil Houston and Stokes to celebrate their love for the drink and induct more of their friends into the beverage!


So overwhelming was the response, that now gin events pop up around the world on this day, bringing together like-minded gin lovers. With all these reasons, do you really need anything more to compel you into pouring yourself an unusual teacupful for yourself?

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