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Seedlings of wild mango, jackfruit are for sale

Kalpetta: Gone are the days when the Social Forestry department promoted alien tree varieties like acacia and eucalyptus, causing much damage to nature. Now the department is all set to popularize the vanishing indigenous and jungle varieties of mango and jackfruit in a big way in Wayanad. As many as 30,000 seedlings of such varieties are ready for distribution at the nurseries of the forest department at Tholppetti, Muthanga and Begur.

The taste of many of the wild mango varieties is known among the tribals as well as other old men who know the jungle better. They are not only tasty but also have medicinal qualities, it was pointed out. The forest deartment wants to preserve these varieties that are facing extinction due to human intervention as well as climatic conditions.

Wild jackfruitWild jackfruit

Assistant conservator of forests (social forestry) Shajna Karim told Deccan Chronicle that moves were afoot to sensitize youth and children on the unique qualities of these varieties which are sweeter and ideal to suck and eat. “Instead of peeling, one can bite and eat them straight without removing the thin skin”, she added. “There are many indigenous jackfruit varieties which also should be preserved and propagated”, she said.

Wild mangoesWild mangoes

“The man-animal conflict can be reduced to a large extent by planting these trees in the jungle as all of them are well liked by elephants”, she added. “We have already informed the forest department and NGOs about the availability of seedlings”, she said. The seeds of mango, anjili and jackfruits were sourced from the jungle by the tribal employees. The price for the first ten seedlings is '2 per seedling and the price for each additional seedling is '6.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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