Cometh the hour, Cometh the superhero

Sporting a bold and sometimes raunchy leotard Catwoman is two parts wicked, one part funny and one part saviour.

Shazam!, Flame on! Go Joes! My Spider-Sense is tingling, Cowabunga, Odin’s beard, Great Scott! Up, up, and away! Avengers Assemble, I am the law and finally Merciful Minerva!

In the battle of good versus evil, in the triumph of the free spirit against the drudgery of oppression, giving a voice to the weak and strength to the meek, for the love of humanity, sworn to protect a world that hates and fears — these are words that dreams are made of. Fantasy has given us catch phrases like — “y”see ladies, any fool can kill, I wanted to do it with style!

With the San Diego Comic Con just concluded, I may have caught a spell of “bat-fever” or the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman trailer may have just triggered a chain reaction. Dabbling that fine line between fantasy and vicarious behaviour, we’re all awestruck by the world of super heroes and villians, dark and light sides. What inspires fantasy, is it escapism, is it an extension of reality exaggerated or is it an insight to what the subconscious human mind dwells on.

Every year, our childhood heroes are given a new life, a new form and a new vision by the likes of Marvel and DC Comics. Every year, these heroes get slicker, sharper, funnier and of course sexier.

I'll start with the latest version of the 80s strong feminine figure who once sported a star spangled bustier replete with accessories and yes... bling! Merciful Minerva! Wonder Woman just got so much more... gone is the star spangled stereotype, even Wonder Woman gets a wardrobe overhaul and a make-over that’ll make men blush!

A blend of Amazon-inspired earthy tones, leathery body cons that hint structure while accentuating a slender silhouette, metallic boots constructed like an exoskeleton and dull metallic, aztec-inspired accessories — the new and improved Wonder Woman is ready to take the stage.

Moving to another one of my favourites brought to life on the silver screen by likes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway and of course the sultry Halle Berry. Celebrating the feline hidden in every woman, nothing says it better than this line from the movie, “Cats come when they feel like, not when their told.”

Sporting a bold and sometimes raunchy leotard Catwoman is two parts wicked, one part funny and one part saviour. Sounds like most women to me. But the leotard isn’t just limited to the silverscreen. Everyone from Rihanna to Beyonce have taken a page of the Cat-woman-leotard-wardrobe-manual and personalised it.

This super hero fever hasn’t spared the runway either, some years ago Victoria Secret showcased their famous angels as inspired by female super heroes.

The very talented designer, Gavin Miguel — who has dressed the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor-Khan and Deepika Padukone, and has been the force behind many silverscreen style statements from Krissh to Robot with the great Thalaiva — had this to say about Super Hero inspirations combining with fashion.

“Superheros are a figment of ones aspirations. The idea is to be more fit and powerful, an inspiration to all ages. In terms of fashion, the silhouettes are more bodycon with sleeker looks that accentuate the human form. Fantasy finds its way to fashion mostly during International Couture weeks, that’s truly where you can see geniuses at work. I for one love doing L’Oreal shows as it gives me a canvas to bring in a exaggerated fantasy that is reflected through the entire show. We have showcased tribal warrior super heroes under this canvas. Priyanka’s wardrobe for Dhrona, Kangana for Krissh and the famous metal suits for Robot. Elements from these iconic styles statements and looks of the silver screen also find their way and trickle down to pret lines for the more experimental daily wear.”

While we await the next visual treat with Super heroes at the core, I leave you with a catch phrase of me own — Till next time, keep it sharp!

– A fashion aficionado, film maker, script writer, stylist and marketing junkie. The writer indulges in the latest fashion and currently drives marketing for youth fashion brands in Indus League — A division of FLF.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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