Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

The end of the year is also a great time to get rid of items in your wardrobe that are no longer in vogue.

The year 2018 was a fabulous time for all-things-fashion; and, as we bid adieu to this remarkable year it’s time to let a few trends disappear for good. If you are ready to update your wardrobe for the next year, make sure you let go of items that will no longer be relevant in 2019.

Fashion trends usually last for two to three years and gradually the excitement fades. Although, depending on their popularity with the masses, a few rare ones continue to exist longer than the others. Designer and creative director at a fashion website, Narendra Kumar believes that 2018 was a safe year where we experimented less with quirkier styles but focused more on driving better cuts and fits. Predicting the overall mood of fashion lovers, he mentions, “There are a few trends like the cape or caplet used in wedding cocktails that will disappear soon. The sling bags haven’t gone out of sight but are slowly making way for fanny packs. The sneakers are here to stay, with the rise of athleisure it’s safe to say that most of our casual wear is likely to get replaced by funky joggers, sneakers, and sweatshirts for both men and women. While Indian textile will remain at the forefront of ethnic/fusion fashion, athleisure will be the dominant trend for the year with comfort being the highlight.”

In the apparel category, Mumbai-based designer Sonu Dharnidharka hopes to see the exit of neons for good. The designer opines, “Neon became fashionable again this year, but it’s time to retire the trend for good because it is hard to pull off these colours outside a red carpet or a party. Bike shorts, which first took off in 2017 also need to bid farewell. Things like boilersuits, see-through skirts, tube tops and ripped jeans should get replaced by boho silhouettes, cool street wears and a vibrant range of colour block outfits. I see a lot of animal prints and vacation-inspired taking over 2019 big time.”

Whereas, designer Kanchan Kulkarni expects to get rid of bling and embrace easy dressing and elegance in 2019. She says, “We are expecting to see a move away from fast fashion and clothes which disintegrate after a couple of washes. 2019 will be all about sustainable fashion and filling your wardrobe with staple pieces that can be mixed and matched innumerable times. Two trends I would definitely like to see gone is bike shorts and tiny sunglasses.”

For 2019, designers are looking at the fresh colour palette of warm pastels and bright warm colors with understated glamour in fashion. Feminine pantsuits, fluid silhouettes, wrap dresses, robe silhouettes and statement sleeves could be seen in stores soon with a sustainable twist. Speaking of bygones, designer Deepansha Goyal remarks, “Trends like dad fashion with its chunky dad sneakers, Kardashian cycling-bike shorts, minuscule sunglasses, clear plastic fashion, fur-lined leather sandals, any cutout clothing, and nonfunctional details are few trends that definitely won’t make a comeback in 2019. Faux materials like clear plastic, spandex, prints high on slogans are also expected to go out of style and will be replaced by more natural materials like bamboo sandals/bags, tie-dyes, exotic prints, marigold yellows, patchworks.”

While women segment will see a surge of classic styles and handlooms, for menswear there could be a major shift in the prints section. Designer duo Ravi Gupta and Shyam Gupta point out, “From roses on rucksacks to tulips on T-shirts, floral prints were one the biggest men’s wear trends in 2018. Hence, it is time to move out of the bloom and get into ‘geometric prints.’ There were plenty of asymmetric cuts in 2018, so it’s time we say bye to that and get ready for classic cuts and drapes. We also hope to see a new silhouette – Manarkalis – an Anarkali inspired kurta to get popular in occasion wear segment for stylish men.”

Any trend report is incomplete without accessories, so keep in mind to ditch the outdated styles in the shoes and bags segment too. Speaking about the shoe department, Kapil Mahtani, CEO and founder of popular shoe brand, says, “2018 saw people indulging and buying a lot of sneakers, which were also paired with Indian wear as well. However, in 2019, shoe trends will be that of chunky shoes and a year to experiment with bold hues that will make your footwear the focal point of any outfit. We also think that using prints on shoes will be a big trend in 2019.”

Whereas, accessory designer Puneet Gupta, mentions that transparent bags were a hit in 2018 but they reached their expiration date in 2019. He says, “Transparent bags were considered as an avant grade accessory but I believe it’s time to bid them goodbye. I believe tassel bags would be a big hit in 2019 in the casual segment and beautiful minaudiere bags will be a must-have for the party wear range. Sharp geometric cuts and snake-skin prints would replace the existing options, and will get bigger next year.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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