‘Coat’ed with sophistication!

Published Sep 30, 2018, 12:00 am IST
Updated Sep 30, 2018, 2:26 am IST
There is no better way to showcase your chic sense of style than opt for these uber cool trench coats, that are back in vogue once again.
Sonam Kapoor
 Sonam Kapoor

The ever classic trench coat has seen a resurgence this season. The humble trench coat has gotten a makeover with frills, sleeveless silhouettes and denim variations. Like the trench coat that actress Priyanka Chopra wore to the Met Gala 2017 that generated a number of memes, this trend has been sported by various other actresses like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and others.

The trench coat has become one of the hottest trends this season. Designer Selma Lobo sharing her view on this classic adds, “I think the trend is timeless. It pronounces power, style and confidence. Trench coats are more of an avant garde here in India, which I absolutely love.” This season trenches are all about length.


Kangana keeps it simple with a red trench coat paired with black leggings.Kangana keeps it simple with a red trench coat paired with black leggings.

Designer Riya Kodali adds, “Trenches this season are longer in length and in an oversized dramatic silhouettes worn in a quite undone way with boots, half-boots, semi-formal shoes and sometimes even sports shoes, depending on the style.”

Anushka Sharma has paired her floral dress with an oversized trench coat.Anushka Sharma has paired her floral dress with an oversized trench coat.

She also stresses on the fact that since trench coats are a very rugged and undone look, styling it with anything too delicate is a no-no. One of the easiest way to put together a outfit for a long day is pick and choose pieces that will take you directly from work to a party.


Priyanka Chopra works this trend with a pair of black boot!Priyanka Chopra works this trend with a pair of black boot!

Designer Shriya Joshi suggests, “A double breasted trench will extend into the evening thanks to over-sized cuts that fall off the shoulders and feminine pleating that feels utterly modish. You can also have a patch work on your trench coat. Patches and embroidery will add a subtle quirk to your outfit.” This season, Selma find that a lot of graphic printed trench coats and classic neutrals doing the rounds too.

With most of the trends that popped up this year, keeping it simple is the best way to move forward. Selma says, “ Add a hint of colour and opt for closed footwear with a trench coat of any kind. The length of a trench coat should compliment your height. It must never be below the knee. Wearing sneakers with a trench coat  a big faux pas in the fashion world.”


Accessories too should be kept to the minimal. Riya suggests, “ It can be paired with scarves wrapped and styles in many ways, leather shoes and boots.” Shriya is of the opinion that this trend is suitable for all occasions. “Wear it when ever you wanna stand out,” she states.