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All glammed up and shirtless

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Published on: June 30, 2023 | Updated on: June 30, 2023
The most fashionable men are abandoning their shirts, and going with just a sharp-shoulder blazer and tux. (DC Image)

The most fashionable men are abandoning their shirts, and going with just a sharp-shoulder blazer and tux. (DC Image)

Shirtless tailoring has been around for a long time, at least for women, but it’s fascinating to see how modern, stylish men have adopted this look and made it their own. Last week at Paris Fashion Week, Jared Leto made a statement with bleached blonde brows and a massive brown fur coat, smart black trousers and a matching blazer, but no shirt.

Is the traditional suit-and-tie look for men coming to an end?

Artist-turned-fashion-designer Venkat Gaddam, who owns his label, Whencut Goddamn, says "I love the shirtless under the blazer look — it’s hot! It’s attractive to see men owning themselves and effortless swag through fashion! I am very elated to see men experiment with their fashion sensibilities and rock them!"

Going shirtless under a suit is about experimenting with formal dress codes in a way that makes a statement without trying too hard. Timothée Chalamet, star of Dune, wore tapered wool trousers and a sequin and lace tuxedo jacket by Louis Vuitton, with a shirt conspicuously missing, putting his hairless, alabaster chest on display for all.

It’s not a new idea. It has been done by Ranveer Singh. It’s something that Lil Nas has consistently supported. However, it appears that we have now reached the pinnacle of the ‘shirtless’ look.

Farhad Shahnawaz, a model-turned-actor says, "Everyone enjoys a little bit of skin show. Also, people are doing it a little more nowadays because most of them are working on their bodies, eating healthy, and trying to stay fit." The model believes that showing off your best features – your chiselled chest and abs — is the best way to rock the shirtless look.

The no-shirt look is a sign of a man’s confidence in his personal style as well as his comfort in defying conventional fashion rules. Ranveer Singh, an experimental dresser, has always chosen the most outlandish pieces for his outings on red carpets. The shirtless suit worked perfectly for him, drawing attention to his lean chest.

Fashion designer Amit GT says, "Going shirtless under a blazer is often seen as a daring and edgy style choice, suitable for certain fashion-forward events or parties with a more relaxed dress code. It’s important to feel confident and comfortable in the outfit you choose to wear, regardless of societal norms or expectations."

Rocky Star, another fashion designer, suggests some simple ways to adopt the shirtless under-a-suit or blazer trend while maintaining a stylish appearance:

  • Select well-tailored garments made from quality fabrics such as lightweight wool or cotton blends.
  •  Ensure a proper fit that flatters your body. Consider the occasion and accessorize strategically with statement pieces such as ties or jewellery.
  • Pay attention to grooming and colour coordination, and consider layering with sheer shirts or mesh tops to enhance the overall aesthetic.
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