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Nirwaana brings the Heritage collection

Published Jan 30, 2020, 12:33 am IST
Updated Jan 30, 2020, 12:32 pm IST
Immaculately handcrafted to highlight the brilliance of every design.
Baroque Bloom. (Photo: File)
 Baroque Bloom. (Photo: File)

An exquisite collection of intricately designed precious and semi-precious stones jewellery conceived and crafted as an ode to mind, power and creativity – brimmed with its characteristic graphic form lush looks, rich culture and iconic glamour.

Nirwaana plays with unique and beautiful semi-precious stones detailed designs to fit the requirements as well as the brushed silver finish to draw out that distinct art deco vibe. A chic and fashion-forward collection of precious and semi-precious stones by Nirwaana captures the spirit of an ancient era concocted with contemporary designs, for the modern woman who believes in the power of dressing.


The designs at Nirwaana are living, breathing memoirs of inspired craft, hand-made using age-old practices and techniques. While they take inspiration from timeless techniques, the designs created are contemporary and fashion-forward. The craftsmen at Nirwaana are dedicated to composing intricate creations which reflect the love and passion with which they are designed, unmatched by the mass-produced machine-made jewellery.

According to Priyanka Thakur, Founder,, “We are steeped in history as we look forward to the future, making available our fashion jewellery online for the tech-savvy and a mindful shopper. Base metal that has been majorly used in our jewellery is sterling silver i.e. 92.5 per cent real silver, most suitable for jewellery. Our products are sleek, edgy and classy, that makes them wearable on a regular basis as well as on specific occasions. Currently, our expanding customer base is also considering them as an ideal gifting-option,”


Here is a small snapshot of some of the products available at -

1 - Four Leaf Clover Collection - This line is part of their collection ‘Talisman’ based on amulets from across the world. ‘Four Leaf Clover’ particularly is a popular amulet that is believed to bring ‘Good Fortune’ to its possessor. This type of clover is rarely found in nature, where each of the leaves represents a different quality. The first leaf represents hope, the second faith, the third leaf is for love and the fourth one brings ‘good luck’ to its finder. Styles of the collection are made in sterling silver, with some of the clovers thoughtfully crafted using Malachite stone, that reinforces its property of ‘protection against the negatives’ making the amulets extra special.


4 leaf clover. (Photo: File)4 leaf clover. (Photo: File)

2 - Stellar Collection - Collection about constellation stars and how they affect each zodiac. Each Zodiac has its own associated constellation. Wearing a birthstone as per one's zodiac can affect life in many positive ways. It is believed that birthstones receive vibrations from the respective constellations that can strengthen the planetary influence on one’s health and fortune. Styles of this collection are minimalist and timeless. These beautiful pieces can be worn every day and are a perfect gift for yourself and your BFF.


Stellar. (Photo: File)Stellar. (Photo: File)

3 - Baroque Bloom Pearls Collection - Baroque is a word derived from French which is "used for pearls that are irregularly shaped”. This collection represents blooming floral buds, which symbolizes happiness, wealth and prosperity in life.  Attributing to this collection is the baroque pearls which are imperfectly perfect.

Baroque Bloom. (Photo: File)Baroque Bloom. (Photo: File)

Much for the liking of its customers, some of the other products sold by Nirwaana includes earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets, brooches and barefoot sandals. The collection has a wide range of Semi-Precious Stones and Minerals like Red-Garnet Stone, Malachite Stone, Prehnite Mineral, Citrine Quartz, Amethyst Flower Crystal, Baroque Pearls, Zirconia, Chrysocolla, etc. The pieces jewels have been designed with intricate detailing and have its characteristic graphic form, lush colour, rich gloss and give a meaning to life.