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Get some glam tresses this Deepavali

Published Oct 29, 2016, 12:21 am IST
Updated Oct 29, 2016, 12:22 am IST
Asgar Saboo, hairstylist to the stars, gives us some tips on how to give your hair a festive touch.
This festive season, it’s essential to make a statement by looking your best from head to toe.
 This festive season, it’s essential to make a statement by looking your best from head to toe.

This festive season, it’s essential to make a statement by looking your best from head to toe. While your outfit and makeup needs to be on point, doing your hair up can bring a huge transformation to your look. One of India’s most renowned hair stylists, Asgar Saboo, shows us how it’s done with a few traditional hairstyles to rock this Deepavali.

Bun with garland:


Classic buns are perfect for a traditional festive event. Representing true Indian culture, this look can be elegantly accessorised and when finished, looks neat, pretty and polished.

GET THE LOOK: Brush your hair back and secure at the nape of the neck with a hair band. Begin to wrap your hair around the ponytail, twisting it as you go to ensure the layers remain hidden. Then secure the bun with bobby pins that are the same colour as your hair for a clean finish. Finally, wrap a flower garland around the bun to add some beautiful detail, choosing a contrasting colour to make a bold statement.


Side swept waves:

This look is simple to achieve yet undeniably glamorous. Best suited to hair that is beyond shoulder length, this timeless look promises to add class and glamour to any traditional attire.

GET THE LOOK:  Using a curling wand on straightened hair, separate individual two-inch sections of hair and hold around the curling iron for 10-15 seconds. Once all your hair is curled, gently shake out your hair to loosen but do not run your fingers through the curls as this will deconstruct them. Finally, sweep all your hair over your shoulder and spray to hold. Finish with a shine spray for extra sheen.


Half-up half-down:

This is an easy but effective style for when you are short on time. The beauty of the look is you can simply pin up your hair whilst leaving it super straight or with its natural waves. You can even add extra detail by braiding the sections.

GET THE LOOK: Run your finger through your hair to soften. Separate two small strands from either side of your hair and pull back and secure, braiding before to add an extra touch. For more volume, separate the top section of your hair and pull back to form a beehive before combing over to give a clean finish.


Fishtail braid:

As a contemporary alternative to a traditional style, the fishtail braid looks striking for a special event. Elegant and charming, this look beautifully compliments classic festive attire.

GET THE LOOK: Brush your hair to whichever way you want the braid to fall and separate into two even sections. From each section, take two individual strands and overlap one in front of the other over the rest of the hair. Continue interlocking two strands from each section of the 0hair until the braid is done. Secure with a plain hair band or add a flower or jewels for extra glam.


Bun with braided ponytail:

One of the most common, traditional hairstyle that is paired with an Indian attire, it is perfect for long, thick hair. Embellish with accessories to add glitz.

GET THE LOOK: Secure your hair at the back of your head just above the nape of your neck. Separate a small section and pin loosely to keep out of the way. Braid the remaining hair, secure with a hair band, the same colour as your hair, and use the loose section of hair to wrap around the top of the ponytail to hide the hair band. Fasten with hair grips. Add as many embellishments as you like and spray to hold.